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Sales: Automatically print packing slips after emailing invoice

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I need to be able to automatically email an invoice and print the packing slip. At the moment i need s**bleep** the printed the  invoice which i then throw out, print my packing slip and manually go email the invoice. Also some customers have separate emails for statements and invoices, so once again i have to manually change them at end of month statement time


Accounright 17.1.1 se


"Emailing Statements/Invoices"

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Hello @Pzycho

There are a couple of options here.

1. you can print just the packing slip from the Sales Command Center / Print Email Invoices and select the Sales Type as Packing Slip.

2. you can customise an invoice as a Packing slip by deleting the un-needed info. Then while the invoice is open you can use the Print / Select  Another Form to get the "packing slip"



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I know the work arounds. I have 700 customers all with many different invoice, packing and statement requirements. Just as it can automatically print an invoice on record why not automatically email an invoice and print packing slip to go with our goods. Why do i need to  go and manually send the emails at a later stage is my point.

Different settings in card file for each customer.  



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We are trying to go to more of a paperless system but we still require to add dockets to items we send out. we now send nearly all our invoices out as emails it would be nice to have the option to print a delivery dockets after sending out the clients invoice. or the possiablity of adding just printing the docket from the invoice screen. rather then having to go to to the print and email invoice window and seaching for the invoice then having to apply filters.