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Sales: Convert to invoice record with current date

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We work in retail industry and time to time issue Sales Orders for the customers and which get converted to an invoice, sometimes within a week or takes around 3-4 weeks at time. It would be great if there is an option provided in MYOB to change the date of order to the date of invoice generation. Many times this step is forgotten.


"Auto enter current date when changing an order into an invoice"

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This feature also needs to be added when converting a customer quote directly to an invoice as it can be easy to miss changing the date manually.

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Hi all,


An order that we created a week ago, say the 15th of March, if we turn that order into an invoice today and then create a new order today, that new order will be dated to the 15th of march, it is extremely frustrating that new orders dont follow todays date but rather the date of the last order we turned into an invoice. 


It would be great if there was an option to rectify this.




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It makes sense that when we convert an order to an invoice it takes the current date. We are an importer/ distributor. Our sales staff go around getting orders which could be supplied 2 or 3 months down the line. Seems logical that when we convert the order to invoice it takes todays date not a date in the past. This  creates problems with accounts when the dates arent changed which has happened in our case. We have just moved to Account Right and it our previous system it would never let us backdate an invoice but we coiuld forward date which is logical.