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Sales: Converted quote to take current date

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I often use the quotes in MYOB and convert to invoices when they are taken up. This can sometimes be a month or two apart, unless you specifically recall to change the date the invoice will use the quote date. 

Really very annoying when I imagine it is an easy fix, of course remembering to update at the time of invoicing helps too, but I am used to so many programmes having an auto date function that I sometimes miss changing the date.


"Automatically amend date from quote to invoice date"

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This would be an almost essential addition to AR

I often have staff convert a quote to an order and forget to change the date, invoice it out and then mess up our BAS.
We pay BAS monthly.  I can't set Lock Periods as its global and not per user.


This feature is required.

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This is a no brainer and needs to be changed. The date changes to current date for purchase quotes , so why not for sales quotes ?