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Sales: Email Packing Slip

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Hi. We try and minimise the amout of paper we use in the office. It would be really great if I can email packing slips to the guys in the warehouse rather than just being able to print them. I am currently printing them to a PDF writer and then manually attaching them to an email. A one step process in AccountRight Plus 2012.9 would make things so much easier.


Thanks, Jo


"Ability to Email Packing Slip"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2013

Thanks for your suggestion, Jo. We would certainly be happy to consider adding this into a future version, although it wouldn't be something we could add into older versions as it would be part of an update. Anyone else that would like to see this added please remember to vote to show your support.

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Has there been any progress on the ability to email packing slip? I really need a feature like this for my business.



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Thank you very much for your vote and feedback @Maylight05


Unfortunately at this stage we do not have a time frame available for this feature, however I have passed your comment to our developers for consideration. 


I would encourage any interested users to continue casting your vote, it would help our developers to prioritise their work.

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This functionality would be wonderful as it would add consistency with our workflow. It is noted Accountright has the capability to maintain this in one of the additional address tabs along with the email address.

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"Ability to email packing slips"

Being able to email Packing Slips directly from MYOB would be a great time saver for us too! Yes, please! I vote for this to be prioritised

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Are there any updates on this?