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Sales: Enable quotes to be closed off when not converted to invoices

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I currently have several open Quotes which have been submitted to Customers but they have decided not to go ahead. I would like to be able to close these off so that I can maintain a history rather than just delete them.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Great idea Marg. Anyone else who would like to close unused quotes and retain them, please vote for this idea, so that we can see how popular it is.

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We do a lot of quotes and when they are not accepted we want to ARCHIVE them not delete them.  We often want to recall a Quote or we make it active again, etc, but we don't need 10000 quotes sitting in the system. 

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Is there any further update on when/if this change will be implemented? I would really like to be able to have a history of declined quotes. 

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I would love if we could set a quote to 'history' when a customer has not taken up the quote. This would keep sales invoice numbers in sequence and you would be able to retrieve them at a later date if required. I would also mean not having to fiddle with them so they don't show up every time you enter a new invoice - which can be very annoying..

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Can we have an option to decline quotes in Accountright so you can still have a saved copy of the quote but without it popping up when processing a new transaction?

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This would make my job so much easier! Please implement this system. It dioesn't have to be complex - even if there was a box inside the quote to say "archive" and the transaction gets greyed out - much like an inactive account in the accounts list. That way if the customer rings back with a change of mind, we have the records on hand and easliy accessable.