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Sales: In Tray - attach documents

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 I have seen the in tray for purchases and ask if there are any plans to add an in tray to the sales invoice side. It would be very helpful to us as a solar installation company to store all compliance and design pdfs with the installation sale record, so that over time we when we re-visit the sale record we can find all of that in one place. 


'In tray for Sales?"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hi @PET 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and sale transactions.

Currently the In Tray can be used for purchases only. I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to upload documents to be read for Sale transactions/an "Out Tray" to vote and comment if required.

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It would be really great in this digital age that when creating a sale with reimbursable item/s in that the original supplier invoice, assuming it has been attached to the purchase in the "In Tray", could be attached to the outgoing sales invoice to the customer using the job numbers feature.


I have a client who uses job numbers for purchases and sales and this would be a great feature to save having to manually collate all relevant purchase invoices for a sale so that the customer can review etc.

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A in tray for sales would be a fantastic improvement for us. Our technician fills out a job sheet that uses are own part numbers and codes. If I could import the job sheet into a "Sales In Tray" for Invoice, the Parts, Labour and Travel would be entered into a invoice all completed. I would practically only have to check it then send it out to be paid, saving me hours every week. This would be amazimng. Please MYOB consider this as a massive improvement to your product.

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Would like an In tray for sales similar to the In tray for purchases.

This way I can attach customer purchase orders or quote emails to the sales Order/Invoice or Quote. This would save me having to keep a manual file for attachments to sale invoices.

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In Accounts Right Cloud Versions, we need a function to allow the upload of PDF documents in the
- Sales modules (similar to the in-tray in purchases module)
- Receive Money (in the banking module)
-Spend Money (in the banking module)

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By having an upload documents option against sales invoices this will allow the customer purchase orders and other correspondence such as quotes and emails to be stored relating to the invoice.

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A sales in tray would also be great to attached external PO's to the invoices....

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wow these are from 2015 and yet here we are half way through 2018 and still no in tray for sales invoices or any changes regarding the above requests = clearly MYOB do not listen to customers!!!!  I am just starting to use this function but need to include maintenance sheets with some sales invoices - would be really helpful to be able to attach to the sales invoice


I use XERO for other jobs and it is so easy to attach any document and any amount of them to all invoices and contacts - come on MYOB you need to keep up or you will find your customers moving - I am definitely considering it!!!

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AccountRight Sales
I would also like to see an In Tray for Sales to add pdf documents to an invoice.

I have a client that is required to attach a data sheet with every invoice he sends to customer.

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I would also like to see this in the sales invoice area.  We are in the mtor repairers industry and are issued authorizations & purchase orders to go ahead with repairs.  It would be great to be able to attached all these documents that pertain to an invoice behind for history purposes.  

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I have a significant number of clients that could benefit from this.

We have been looking at ways  to link pdfs and documents to customer orders.  This would solve this perfectly.

Please look at implementing in the near future if at all possible.