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Sales: In Tray - attach documents

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 I have seen the in tray for purchases and ask if there are any plans to add an in tray to the sales invoice side. It would be very helpful to us as a solar installation company to store all compliance and design pdfs with the installation sale record, so that over time we when we re-visit the sale record we can find all of that in one place. 


'In tray for Sales?"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hi @PET 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and sale transactions.

Currently the In Tray can be used for purchases only. I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to upload documents to be read for Sale transactions/an "Out Tray" to vote and comment if required.

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would really like to be able to attached customer purchase orders directly to an order/invoice

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Can you please add an In Tray to Sales

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Yes, this feature would also assist greatly with our building and construction company. It would allow all relevant draw information and specific % complete information related to the claim to to be kept in one place.

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I regularly send accompanying documents with my invoices. I have to do this at the email stage as an attachment. It would be helpful to be able to add these to an invoice intray then attach to the invoice at the time of writing the invoice. This would allow a quick way to look up what was relevent to that sale in MYOB & not have to go back to my emails to check on attachments. 

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I have the same suggestion.


For one client we oncharge property costs to tenants out of MYOB. We will often generate an invoice for water or council rates etc. and need to be able to attach the original invoice for which we are oncharging for transperancy.

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It would be amazing, similar to Purchases, if we could add documents when Inputting a Sales Quote, Order or Invoice. Multiple Documents would be better this would save production time when checking the accuracy of an item that was input by the Finance Dept of our business.
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yes wouldbe great to add proof of delivery dockets to sales invoices.

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When processing new work requestions to create an order we would find it very advantages to be able to import the request like we do with invoices and the intray. Currently we do attach the requestion at the end of the process when we are sending the invoice. If we were able to attach documents in the first instance we would be able to save conciderable time when invoicing.  

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Moved to Xero and all happening now.. Cannot wait for MYOB to catch up in the real world. 

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In support of the In Tray feature being replicated for Sales, as it currently exists for Purchases, I would add that its functionality could be extended to attaching customer purchase orders, e-mails containing customers's sales requests, cheque remittance advices or electronic EFT remittance advices when payment is received.

Thus you would have an almost complete history & cycle of that sales invoice readily available on-hand for quick referencing in case of any queries, disputes or as a document source during the annual audit.

Such a time saving feature!!!