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Sales: In Tray - attach documents

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 I have seen the in tray for purchases and ask if there are any plans to add an in tray to the sales invoice side. It would be very helpful to us as a solar installation company to store all compliance and design pdfs with the installation sale record, so that over time we when we re-visit the sale record we can find all of that in one place. 


'In tray for Sales?"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hi @PET 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and sale transactions.

Currently the In Tray can be used for purchases only. I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to upload documents to be read for Sale transactions/an "Out Tray" to vote and comment if required.

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Another feature request for those of us who operate multiple trading companies under the one PTY Ltd would be to have the ability to have email addresses pertinent to the trading company instead of the one as in the emailing set-up. Then used via a drop down when send emailed documents from MYOB.

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Yes, having a means of uploading/attaching externally generated sales documents would be a great benefit

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I would also like to be able to save my sales documents as I do with my Purchases



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Yes, it would be very handy. Have client who issues sales inv from different software program. it would be handy to be able to receive a copy and upload it and get sales details from it to hold details in MYOB file