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Sales: Make Customer PO Number a required field for certain customers cards

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I have several customers who state that they will not pay invoices if their purchase order number (a.k.a customer PO) is not stated on the invoice they receive. The problem is, these customers are usually large organizations, and sometimes junior staff order goods without knowing that they have to provide a purchase order number. We then get left in the lurch in terms of payment.


I'm aware of the issue, so I always request a PO number, but I think it would be nice to have a failsafe so that if I hire new staff, they can't accidentally generate invoices which customers are unlikely to pay (if they forget the customer PO number).


For this reason, I am wondering if a 'require customer PO' option (or similar) could be added on a per-card basis? I have called MYOB support and apparently no such feature currently exists. At the moment, we simply have to write a reminder into the card's address field, which is not a very clean solution.


If anybody knows of a suitable workaround, I would appreciate the advice.




"Require customer PO to record invoices for a given card"

Ultimate Partner jenniek
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When entering Sales - it would be good to have a warning / reminder that the customer requires an order number. Lots of other programmes do this - but MYOB never has.

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What a great idea!  We have arguments with customers that do not always give us a PO as the job is urgent then we have issues getting them paid.

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Definitely would like this!!!


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We have certain customers who require order numbers on their invoices, it would be nice if the card file had a button option that you could tick that says order numbers must be entered (or don't tick it if not a requirement).  So that when you go to do an invoice for them it prompts our salespeople to make sure this is captured at the time of invoicing.

Contributing Cover User Buildpro
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Hi Steven


We are doing this under Customer Order Number which is under the dat on an invoice.  The issue is we are a small firm and have staff who work in the yard and then come in and complete the sale, and as they are in a rush they forget to ask the customer if there is a order number, and most customers don't have a physical order they have it in their head and are also in a rush and forget to give it to us.  By having it as a tick box then it would stop on this field and require something to be entered into this tab before resuming,   But we would like the setup to be on the card file so it is an option only, not always compulsory and we do alot of cash sales which we don't need order numbers for as they are paying for it straight away.

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Most accounting systems check before saving the order.



MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @Buildpro


Thank you for the clarification into your idea and additional insight.

I would encourage other users that would like to see a notification, which can be set at a card level, to warn the user to enter a Customer PO number to vote for this idea and comment if required.

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Yes, this is a fantastic idea, I seem to be always forgetting to put Customer PO number on their invoice before emailing it, realise once it has gone and then have to resend the Invoice with the PO number. Very unproffessional, but out of a multitude of Customers, we only have a couple  that require this, hence why it is difficult to remember.

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Great idea !!  this is a problem many will have Im sure !! 

Experienced Cover User mcv
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1 option for this is to create a customised quote form with the word "proforma Invoice"  on it
this will mean the invoice isnt in your system until the order number is recieved and you have processed it



i have the same problem and usually just use PROFORMA as the order number untill i recieve one and then resend it when i have one, this is because i usually use the mobile app to send invoices and sadly the mobile app only lets us do invoices - not orders or quotes,   and not purchase orders - its really hard to operate when im busy, having to use BS order numbers and then late on match everything up - do they not realise people dont always order from a desk?


a Better option would be for MYOB to create a PROFORMA INVOICE option for the layout,   alot of corporations use these now and i think its time MYOB moved with the times, alot of other accounting software has this option and prob why those companies stay away from MYOB


Maybe if its to much trouble to make the app have the layout option then MYOB could create a app for each layout?    Invoice - Quote - Order - Proforma Invoice - Purchase orders - job list , then we just download  whatever apps we want to use,