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Sales: One customer multiple invoices attached to email

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If we had to send say 20 x invioces to the same customer as they have to go through each individual item within each invoice before approval, wouldn't it be better to send 1 x email with all the invoices together as your current system it sends each invoice out 1 by 1 and locks you out from using any other part of MYOB. It is taking about 1-2 minutes to send each invoice out. What pain as 20-40 minutes you cannot use MYOB. 


"Emailing multiple invoices"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thank you for all your votes and comments. We understand you would all prefer to avoid having to approve each individual email being sent from AccountRight. As you can see in the comments below, there are some workarounds to overcome this. However our developers are looking into changing this in the future. We request others to please continue voting and adding any relevant comments. 

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I honestly can't believe this is still an issue. I have been using AccountRight for years and raised it back then as had others. And yet we are all still waiting......