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Sales: Pop up message to check/add customer details

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Is it possible to have a 'Sales Note' field where you can record certain notes about a customer that staff must be aware of during EVERY sale?


Currently we have a customer who needs to have job addresses appear on their end of month statement. This means our user must overtype the 'Sale Journal' field so that the 'Description' coumn on the statement will accurately show the job address. In order for staff to remember to do this it would be great if there was a pop up prompt when that customer is picked for a sale that reminded staff of this specific procedure.


I could see this being useful for lots of reasons as there are always special customers who need something different and this would be a way for users to ensure those special needs are not overlooked or forgotten. 

"Customer Notifications"


If a new notes field is not possioble for this purpose than possibly a check box below the existng notes field that said "Display Notes at time of sale"





"Note Popup to show/remind user to check/add customer details to invoice"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: April 2015

Hi @Flow

Thank you for clarifying that information in relation to your idea.

I would encourage others that would like to see a pop up notification that alerts the user to certain customer requirements or notes to votes and comment if required for this idea.

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Hi @AA2015


At this stage we don't have a timeframe for when this particular idea will be marked as development and implemented into the program. However we are still encouraging clients that would like to see this particular idea added to the program to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Please do this for us - any closer to adding it?

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This is just the thing I was looking for. It would be so useful. There are similar options in other programs & would be a great idea if MYOB could also do this.



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I absolutely love this idea. It is exactly what I was thinking for our business as we have many customers and some have special request that we currently do by memory. I would like this setting as something that is not visable on customer statements/invoices etc. I believe many businesses would benefit from this and may not realise it until it's there. Is there any word on if this will go forward?

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We have a mix of customers. Some are happy with peoples names as PO's, some want PO numbers, some don't care, some want PO numbers all the time and to ignore what the owners/directors say when buying things.


It would be nice when setting up a customer to have a tick box that comes up with what ever message you tie to that box and customer i.e. Must have a PO, and wont let you proceed unless you click OK.


As a follow up to this, it would be nice to have the "Customer PO No." box being able to be selected on a customer by customer basis to have an entry before it can be processed, similar to "Salesperson". If "Salesperson" is not selected the quote/invoice cant be processed.


In both cases this would have to be customer by customer not a global setting.

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this would be such a great thing to have

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Yes, Yes, Yes! Totally agree.

I would like it as a pop-up for when you raise and Invoice, to warn staff of criterias for ea customer.

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Agreed.  This is a good suggestion and would be very helpful for us too.  Thanks.

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This is exactly what we need - we have 4 locations across VIC and it is very hard to have all staff remember the rules for different companies. Things like "MUST HAVE PO NUMBER" A pop up function would be a huge help to our business.  Fingers Crossed.    

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When creating an invoice I also have to email an invoice to some of my clients. Is there a way to get a pop up reminder per client mentioning email address (or other relevant info) to send invoice to? This to make it easier and not having to remember all different email addresses and clients that need invoice emailed to accounts dept and product send to a branch /shop etc. which in my case can be in a different state.