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Sales: Progressive Invoicing - billing partial amount (%) of invoice

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- We have just
converted over to MYOB from Quickbooks. We are disapointed with the
quote/convert to invoice system. In Quickbooks we could convert a % of the
quote or certain items on the quote. We could then go back in at a later date
and invoice the amount remaining from the quote to be invoiced. We also use
rather long descriptions in our study descriptions and MYOB does not allow
enough characters for this in the description box. These are quite basic
functions offered by Quickbooks and I believe should be in MYOB. I am sure many
businesses would want a % payment prior to starting a job?


"% invoices - progressive invoicing"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for your suggestion vhr, the option to convert only part of an Order into an Invoice. Other members of the community that would like to see this added, please do remember to vote and comment.

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To be able to request payment on a percentage basis for quotes would be great.  I work in construction so we have stage payments!!  At the moment converting a quote to an invoice is useless as I cannot request a percentage of the quote ie a deposit, base stage, frame stage completion etc

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Can anyone tell me if this is still under consideration or of it's in development yet? We are using MYOB and having to run QB in parallel to enable us to do our billing. I am looking for a single solution and if MYOB can't do it then it may mean we need to move to a different package.

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I need the ability to create a master invoice for a Job and then specify how many installments/progress payments are required and what date they are due.  Then at any stage you can print a statement, at the job invoice level, which show total amount for the that job/master invoice and payments received to date.

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Me too. I need different promised dates for different service in one invoice. Currently, the only way I can work around this is to create several different invoices for the same client just to accommodate the promised date issue. I'm using accounting edge.

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YESSSS!!!! We are an RTO and as our students enrol in the whole qualification - not unit by unit, we would love a % invoicing system!

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I am in the construction indusrty.


An example of what I would like as an advancement in Accounts Right.


I raise a purchase order  for $80.000.00 for an electricial company for a house build fit out.  This job will be done over a period of months.

I would like to link each and every invoice that relates to the purchase order however the purchase order initial amount stays at $80,000.00 whilst the the balance will reduce by each total amount of the linked invoice. 

In doing this I would like to enter the invoice link it to the order in one process not enterig the information twice in different screens. 

Any one else out there this would benefit?



I feel this would be a great benefit to keepign track of all orders and linked invoices.

So we create one Order and then at time of processing the invoice/Bill you would link the bill to the order and this would automatically come off the oustanding balance of the order, (whilst keeping the orginal amount of the order visiable and the remanding balance reduces by the Bill amount)



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I agree very strongly with Rinnie on this one.  I have worked with other systems that manage this similar to an inventory purchase and receipt, with the ability to "receipt" a service with the balance going to back order.  It would add an AA to the PO number for the back order so that you had a different reference for each invoice but it was still linked to the initial order.  A GL purchases clearing account kept the transactions in line.

We are required to issue Purchase Orders for all transactions so the ability to raise a "standing" PO to cover a number of months is a necessity.  I'd also like to be able to produce one report that shows all open purchase order balances but with many commitments sitting as "recurring" transactions, I have not been able to come up with an efficient solution in MYOB to manage this.

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Please update Myob to allow progress payments to the one invoice.

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This is so necessary in the construction industry and I'm sure many others.

I see it is offered in some of the other MYOB software programs.

It's under condsideration since 2013 come on just do it!

It worked extremely well on Quick Books.