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Sales/Purchase: Combined Service & Item layouts

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Hi there, I am wanting to be able to enter an invoice using both service and and item fields. I see from the forum that people have found a way around this issue but I wondered if there was a way to combine the two layouts as I know this would be well used having worked in different industries where I would need to add descriptions at the top of an invoice before going onto the item fields.


This option seems to be the one thing missing.


Many thanks



"'Combined Service & Item Invoices"

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Hi @Minstrel,


Thank you for your suggestion, as far as I know there is no plan in the near future to combine the service and item layouts to create a new layout. It would require a lot of work and also affects invoice forms. 


However in the meantime, when enter item invoices you can right click on the transaction line > Insert Header or Insert Blank Line to enter description only. 


Kind regards


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Hello Julie,

Have you considered usin the Time Billing format for your invoices?

Firstly tick the Preferences option to include Items on TB Invoices.Capture.JPG

you will then be able to enter both item and non item lines.

You may need to setup a default activity for the non item lines. See this MYOB Support Note.

Have a play with it and you may find this will do what you want.