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Sales/Purchases: Allow for deposit transactions (order payments) to be edited/reversed/deleted

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When users receipt monies to a order, apply payment to order and then turned the order into an invoice, why is it I can't amend, reverse or delete a payment?  


Often clients or even bookkeepers might enter the payment to the incorrect order, we just want to change the date or deposit to a different account number.  Typical scenario the user forgot to allocate the payment to undeposited funds and put the payment directly to the bank account.  We can't change a thing!


The below example is tested where I have the reverse tick on and off.  Either one does not work as options are greyed out.


Below example of how you can't delete or reverse

Can't reverse or delete.jpg


Example of how you can't amend the date or the account number where funds are deposited to:


Can't amend invoice.jpg



Often end users are making simple mistakes and get very annoyed when they can't fix the mistakes easily and often end up making more of a mess trying to fix it.  I see this mess all the time with clients using sales orders, applying payment and converting to an invoice. 


Then the bookkeeper/consultant comes into play and also gets frustrated because we can't make a small amendment without going through a 5-10 minute process.  So 6 transactions will take a minimum of 30 minutes to fix.  


It is difficult for a consultant to train some clients in this current lenghtly steps.  The clients are not bookkeepers and they get very confused. 


Currently in order to amend, reverse or delete the only way this can be fixed is to follow this lenghtly process  Smiley Frustrated


In order to clear out the deposit you need to reverse the sale.

  1. Click on Set up from the toolbar menu, click preferences, click on security tab and put a tick on <Transactions can't be changed they must be reversed>
  2. Now locate the original sale and click into the sale
  3. Click on Edit from the toolbar menu and then click reverse
  4. Click Record Reversal
  5. Now go into your sales command centre, click on sales register and click on the <Returns and Credits Tab>
  6. The reversed sale should be displayed.  Click on Apply to sale
  7. Now click Pay Refund for the amount of the payment.  (This will reverse the deposit from your bank account)
  8. Finally now you will need to re-enter the sale in again and apply the correct payment and date. Phew


Please vote for this to be fixed.   

Cheers "Clouds"


"Sales Order Function - ability to reverse/delete or edit a payment when applied"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2014

Thanks for your suggestion on changing how the current method for changing transactions with payments applied work. Changing this setup will need a bit of work but its something that we're happy to look into to see what options we have available. Other users who would like this added please do remember to add your vote so we can see how much demand for this there is.

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Yes please!!!!!

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MYOB please refer to this post from a new user.   This needs to be fixed.


The comment in the under consideration post from MYOB *Changing this setup will need a bit of work* - we feel the same as users when we have to go through this lengthy work around every time we need to change a date.  

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Hi @BooksInTheCloud


Thank you for your additional comments in regards to this idea. I've shared them with the team.

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I agree and have voted for this issue to be fixed please. Such an easy mistake to make, but definitely not an easy mistake to fix!

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Email message from my client today 16/12/2015 .   Will this be fixed any time soon reported it almost 2 years ago?


 Hi Renae, I thought I would contact you as I have been on hold to MYOB for ages but I think there is a glitch in MYOB. Go to purchases, find transactions. Enter the purchase order you want. Turn it into an invoice. Then go back and click on the order number again and it is sitting there as an order and you can duplicate it. Unlike doing the same thing in sales. It won’t let you renter it. In preferences all relevant boxes are ticked. It caused a few dramas and I have entered a large overseas purchases that had a deposit attached and of course inventoried stock. I had turned it into an invoice then got distracted. Came back to the screen thinking have I turned this into an invoice. It was sitting as a purchase and I then turned it into an invoice. I picked up on it due to the stock not looking right. Now I can’t delete the duplicate as it has a deposit attached!!! Bit of a headache.

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Hi @BooksInTheCloud


Thank you for sharing your client's experience in regards to this idea.

Currently this idea has been placed as Under Consideration as it is something that we are still looking for future releases of program. At this stage we don't have a time frame for when this idea will be marked for development and implemented into the program. However in saying that we are still encouraging that would like to see this idea included in the program to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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It would be great even to have a pop up warning that you are going to apply a payment against a order not invoice before the fact!

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Please refer to this tread with a screen shot example by me of how to resolve this issue.


MYOB this is a workaround not a solution and it still needs to be fixed in your software.

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At present Myob AR software does not allow a user to delete or reverse a payment if its applied against a customer order and then has been converted to Invoice.


We often accept deposit payments (against customer Order) and then when we ship goods we convert to Invoice. 


It would be handy if your tech staff could work on this function so that payemtns can be deleted. 


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Be great if this was fixed one day its been on here since 2014