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Sales/Purchases: Include a Categories column on Enter Sales/Purchases window

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Please could we have a Categories column in the Enter Sales and Enter Purchases windows.

Our company has three branches that we need to report on individually as well as a group.

At the moment when we receive supplier invoices from for example telephone companies, IT providers etc we need to split the bill across the three branches or cost centres, currently to do this in myob we have to enter the bill three times, once for each branch/category/cost centre at the apportioned amount. The categories function would be so much more useable to companies if you could split bills for example across categories in a single record entry.


"Categories Column in Sales and Purchases"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback. Categories are a little tricky, because categories are designed to produce a Balance sheet report ( as well as a P&L) the category needs to be applied across the whole transaction in order to result in a balanced Balance Sheet. However I do understand the need for additional Cost codes or Dimesion codes per line. The Job Codes are certainly an option ( if they aren't already in use for other means). I'd love to hear more about this idea - particularly what sort of reporting do you need from these codes?

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I agree with PrincessYachts, we need Category codes by line.  We currently use job codes & department codes as well but have to post invoices multiple times to achieve the category split Smiley Surprised(

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Could we please be allowed to change categories in transactions that have been paid? The inability to do this, couple with the way any journal has to have the same category on both debits and credits, makes it very difficult to use categories to track spend by department.



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Given categories don't work, and never have, in Account Right Live product (6 years and counting) then I wouldn't hold my breathe for an enhancement let alone correcting major system bug. Regards, Bronwyn

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I have the same issue in AccountEdge!  I have to delete the payment to be able to add the category Smiley Surprised(