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Sales/Purchases: New Item - auto populate that new item in line

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The item number value disappears from the ‘Item Number’ field of a purchase once user clicks the ‘New’ button or Alt+N  to add it as a new item.  In consequence, after the item has been created only the Item Name or Item Description appears in the transaction line - the item number has to be re-entered into the field.

However, that can only be done after returning the cursor to the item number field because whenever an item is created from within a purchase it places itself on the arrow the the right of the 'Supplier:' prompt in the header area of the Purchase.  Please refer to attached example.


It would be a great if this process became the same as that existing in v19.6, otherwise it continues to be a source of annoyance and time wasting for the user.


"New Purchase Item"

New Purchase Item.jpg
Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2012

Thanks for this idea. I can see how this will help streamline entering new items in a purchase line. I invite all those who want this feature to vote so we can see how this trades off against other ideas in the list.

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Thanks for this idea. I can see how this will help streamline entering new items in a purchase line. I invite all those who want this feature to vote so we can see how this trades off against other ideas in the list.
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Hi Mark,


I do not expect you to be overwhelmed with votes particularly when the majority of MYOB users remain happy to continue with V19 which does work to their expectations; whereas my idea only applies to AR 2011/2012.


I may be incorrect, but I had understood MYOB was looking for users to upgrade to its new 2011/2012 Windows products; perhaps that is not MYOB's goal after all.

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Thanks Tony,


I agree - those on V19 already have this, and it is not in AR 2011/2012. We definitely want people to move to AR 2012 when it is right for them to do so. One of the reasons for gathering the ideas in this idea exchange is that we can understand what people would most like, and most need in the product. We then hope they will upgrade to the new version.


I was also referring to AR 2012 in my comment. The call for votes is about gauging how much people would like this put back into AR 2012 vs the other things in the idea exchange. we want to use the votes we receive as a measure of relative priority and thus guide which items we should get to first in each release.


But, if we end up without many votes, then we'll either take those with the most votes, or consult on which of the 'unvoted' should be the highest priority.


What do you think?







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Hi Mark,


LiveAccounts has a vibrant idea exchange; their track record for recognising and acting on ideas submitted has been proven.  Remember, they only have one version of Live Accounts; if on the other hand they were saddled with 2 versions of multiple products like AccountRight the story may be much different.


Users continually make their way to the "Upgrading to AccountRight" board to see if anything has changed and often to express further disappointment with the product.  I would estimate that over the last nine months there have been more views of that board than all other boards combined.  Users want to know but are also "sitting on the fence" watching what is going on with that becoming the extent of their participation.


I've had a number of users email me with their AccountRight issues simply because they feel too intimidated by others to post their request the "Upgrading to AccountRight" board.  I understand their intimidation in that there is vocal minority of users who appear tactless & act ignorantly of others as they award kudos to one another.  This tends to create a cult of prattle whose only aim seems only to "stick it to MYOB"; it is most unfortunate as users are caught up in its web.


On the eve of the November 2011 launch of the Server managed AccountRight 2011 products, I quickly viewed the product ensemble that was to be released.  I was absolutely devastated with it and I remarked to the Community Forum Manager, at that time, that it can only be a bad joke.  Either that or there is an internal force out to bury MYOB's standing in the Market Place.


Hopefully now the "New Ideas" forum has been launched users have a definitive place to place their ideas; without fear of intimidation.


That just about sums up what I think...

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HI Tony,


That's a concerning summary of the situation. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. I agree. We would really like the idea exchange to become a way where we can get to the real need out there in the market place for our products and produce some truly great products. I'm here responding so I can directly feed the changes voted by users as most important through to the development teams.


Thanks for your suggestions - I hope they promote great discussion and advocacy. We will be selecting from this forum to implement into the product going forward.





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Mark, I can only agree completely with what Tony has written. The 6 or so users who continually bag MYOB and the AR2011/12 program suite also direct derogatory personal remarks at other posters. Little wonder why there are no supportive posts, even I am deterred from adding comments, as I don't wish to encourage flaming.


As far as this technical issue is concerned, I really fail to see why it has to reach this point for any action to be taken. Positive confirmation of a value selection should be provided to the user. Period.



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Mike and Tony,


Many thanks for your feedback about the Community Forum. We really appreciate the contribution that key Partners like yourselves make to the success of the forum and are very concerned about any suggestion that the actions of a small number of users are discouraging others to participate.


We will take action against anyone who breaches the forum's terms and conditions. This action can include termination of their forum membership. Posts that do not contribute to the forum in any meaningful way and discourage others to participate will be removed. 


In the short time I have been at MYOB I have been continually impressed that the vast majority of interactions on the forum are positive. It would certainly be a shame if anyone was relunctant to participate on the forum because of the actions of others.


All the best,

Jason Hill
Community Manager

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We would especially like to see this fixed - it is very time consuming when you have lots of items


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Hi, Agree that this is definitely a priority request - am frequently adding and searching items from within the enter purchases screen as do the majority of my customers. Thank you
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This would be my number one feature request for day to day use.