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Sales/Purchases: New Job - auto populate that new job in line

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In AccountRight Plus Live, when you create an invoice, you have the option of typing a job number under the column 'Job'. Once you type the appropriate entry, if the job already exists, a popup window appears and you can select on that. If no such job is in the MYOB list then the popup window is blank so you can simply click the 'New' button at which point a pop-up window called 'Job Information' appears. Within the pop-up window are a number of fields including one called 'Job Number:'. With the old version of AccounRight Plus, this field would be populated with the number you had typed in to the invoice however with the Live version, this field is blank. This means you have to type your job number a second time here. Once you have filled out the job name and clicked 'OK', the pop-up window disappears and you are back at your invoice. With the old version of AccountRight Plus, the job number you had just created would again, have been automatically populated into the 'Job' column however in the Live version, the field is blank meaning that you have to type your job number for a THIRD time and select it from the list.


I use job numbers for ALL of our invoices and to have to do this 3 step process (meaning typing the job number three times) in the new Live version is very onerous and a huge waste of time.


Can I please have the engineers look at this and bring back the same functionality as in the previous versions?


Can I also please have other people vote for this issue to be addressed?


Many thanks


"Job number creation is now a 3-step process in the Live version when previous version when was just 1-step"

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This behaviour with 'Job Number' is identical to that when a new 'Item' is entered in either sales or purchases; please see the "new idea" on this link New Purchase Item.


It has my vote.

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Thank you for your feedback on how creating new jobs work in the new system, as Tony pointed out this is similar to creating new items on transactions and is part of the same system. I won't mark this is a duplicate so that people who have this with jobs and search for it can easily find it, but I would suggest voting on the suggestion he has linked too. Other users who would like to see this changed, please add your votes.
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If entering say a new purchase, and I type in a Job Number which has not been created yet, I then click "New..." to open the dialog box and create that new Job Number.


I tab down and enter the job name, and then use the mouse to click Ok. (it would by 8 more tab presses to use the keyboard).


This closes the dialog box, but has deleted the new job number from where I was typing it.

So the job number needs to be typed again.


I've used MYOB for about 10 years, and then had a break for a couple of years. I'm back and using the AccountRight Cloud version - I'm sure I didnt have to do this in the past?


This behaviour seems typical where ever a job number is created.


The procedure thats launching the "New Job" form should pass the calling form name as an argument. And when the New Job form is closed, it should pass this data back to that calling form. If the calling form still has the focus on the same Job field, it should populate it with the data.

"Easier entry of new job numbers - currently a bit clunky"