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Sales/Purchases: Paid Today - Select account

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Purchases when paying from the Purchase screen (PAID TODAY) can we select what account we want to pay from. Instead of it going straight to the linked account.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thanks for the feedback, I'd be interested to know more about the scenario - how many different accounts do you pay from? Could the bank feed function help in this scenario by allowing you to record the payment quickly?

Experienced Cover User SimonM1981
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This DEFINATELY needs looking at.  We have about 40 invoices to enter in a day and now 50% would be with Paypal.  In payment methods we have "Eftpos", "Direct Deposit", " Cash" and "Paypal".   In the past most businesses would only have 1 account but with Paypal now that is like having 2 bank accounts that need to be reconciled.  

We we do invoices and mark the amount as "Paid Today"  the accounts are linked to our main Cheque Account.  That is fine for "Eftpos" and "Direct Deposit" but for "Cash" it needs to be able to be linked to "Undeposited Funds" and "Paypal" payment method to our Paypal account.  

Currently we have to go back into the the transaction journal and bring up the payment and manually change it into the correct accounts.


Wouldn't be to difficult to have a "Payment Method" linked to a "Bank Account or Undeposited Funds".   PLEASE can you look at this...would save us lots of time each day and I'm sure there is a growing number of businesses that run more than 1 account now that Paypal is used so much.

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This would be most useful.

Partner colleenWatson
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When entering a purchase (That has already been paid), It would be great if we could select which bank this purchase is paid by in the paid to day, and not the default bank,  some purchase are paid by credit card or other means.  This would save a lot of time of recording the purchase and then going into the Pay Bills  Comand and allocating a payment where you select the account that it is paid from.  EG.  Bank, Credit Card, BPay, etc.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Thank you for the idea, comments and votes, this is something we do see the benefit of being included in the software. Please continue to vote and comment. 


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