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Sales/Purchases: Show full description line when entering a sale/purchase

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It would be REALLY helpful if we could see all the lines typed in the purchase description field (as you could prior to the last update - and as you can on Invoice description field)


I am unsure why it was thought to be better to just be able to read the top line - it is really NOT !


"Purchases - Item - description field now shows only one line"


Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thank you for the suggestion. Improving this sort of workflow is something we're always looking at improving in our software. Please vote and comment to show your support and suggest areas you would like to see this change.

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I overcame this problem by attaching an extra monitor (portrait) to my computer, so have both landscape and portrait monitors. Works a treat for other software as well.

Even so, on the landscape monitor, 1280 x 800 resolution, I get 15/16 lines - provided that the description for each item is not 'wrapping' and taking up multiple lines.

If so, decrease the width of other columns and increase the width of the item description column.

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Hi @FoxyWA

Thank you for your feedback and possible workaround into this idea.

I hope that others find it of great assistance. I would still encourage others to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Is it posiible to have the decription field show multiple lines as you are entering them.

I have a number of clients who type in addition customerised text when entering itemised invoices/purchases and currently when you enter the additional detail you can only see the line you are typing on until you tab to the next field. This makes it hard when you are trying to ensure you have entered everything in correctly before issueing the invoice/purchase order, with out tabing in and out of the field.

'Description field item type invoices/Purchases"

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Those little boxes that the info you type sits in, why cant you see what you wrote, why can they not match the full size of the allocated /allowable size

Eg In items  The part number  It is super fustrating to check. The same with many of these fill me in boxes.

Love to have  a summary page with the information reported in a compact manner  and only have to go to the different pages for the purpose of entry.