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Sales/Purchases: Use today's date not last entered date

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Please add an option to select in Sales preferences, so when creating an invoice it defaults to today's date, not the last entered date.


"Default Date Setting/Preference"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Great suggestion. If anyone else would like to see option, please vote for this idea. If you would like to see this applied to other areas too (purchases, spend money or receive money for instance) then please leave a comment below.

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Think this is a great Idea. Was just searching for help on this exact issue.

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Yes this problem is extremely frustrating and time consuming to fix the dates.  There needs an option on sales, purchases, spend money etc. We are fixing sales on different bas periods. Premier Classic was much better in this respect.

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When I enter a new sale, the date defaults to the 7th May 2018 (every time). How do you set the date to default to 'todays' date.

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This has been requested since 2013, so for 5 years MYOB have just ignored it!


so don’t hold your breath to get it done


Thanks MYOB for ripping us off and not giving any user requested features



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...Well said @Westsec

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Yes this would be great, but also i would like that Orders use its own Order number sequense, and when its converted to invoice it changes to current date and the next available Invoice number.

I thought this would be common sense..

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Thats exactly what I was going to reccomend, we I do a new invoice it should be todays date, why it hangs on to old dates is beyond me.

Good work

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Hi, wondering if it's possible for a box to pop up to say "Warning this is not todays date"or something when creating a new invoice.  Sometimes if the employee before you has been dealing with backorders or something the next invoice will have an old date on it and then if no one realises, before you know it there are many invoices in on the wrong date. If you're really unlucky then you may not realise until the next day when reconciling EFT...


"Invoice dates"

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Was this ever fixed or added as a preference to set the date to either today's date or last entered date?

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Can the date in MYOB be set to todays date as default.


We are finding, we might go back and look/amend at a previous order/nvoice for example, then when you enter a new invoice it stays at that previous date, instead of todays date, which can cause issues, eg when a payment is made.


I have had a look if there is a setting in preferences to do this, but I cant find anything.