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Sales Register: Ability to set own default custom date range

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I would love to see a user customisable setting (via preferences) that lets the user select the date range viewable in the Sales and Purchases Register, it'd also be productive to have default buttons that show "THIS MONTH", "LAST MONTH" so that you can see at a glance your register for the chosen period.



In preferences I could set up SALES REGISTER "Custom Display" to be 7 days

In preferences I could set up PURCHASES REGISTER "Custom Display to be 14 days


When I'd go into SALES REGISTER (or purchases register), I would see the date range as normal, however there'd be click choices to populate these fields with either "CURRENT MONTH", "LAST MONTH" or "CUSTOM DATES" - it's painful having to type in them, especially for the week or so after a change of month. (You'd still need to be able to enter the date range you want manually, but the overall "defaults" would streamline everything.





 "Date Selection in Sales / Purchases Register'


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Last Changed: October 2012

Thanks for the idea. Seems like it could save a bit of typing and frustration. What do others think?

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Thanks for the idea. Seems like it could save a bit of typing and frustration. What do others think?
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Hi, Good idea - might be preferable for some to be able to set this by card as you end up giving and receiving different payment terms and having this link to customer statements. Just a thought. Thanks, Julia
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A great idea, I would like to have it extended to have the custom display saved as an option, in my case I rarely use the month option but extend the date back to the date of the oldest open invoice or further, I know it sounds petty but I get sick of extending the date range everytime I open the sales register.

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This is a great idea. Also, I prefer the list to be sorted by date with most recent transaction on top. I have to change this every time I access the register.
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In both the purchases and sales registers you've got a date drop down box to select a From and a To date. It would be extremely handy to have a three extra buttons to the right of the drop downs "This month" "Last month" and "All". 


"This Month" because I often want to see how much I've invoiced in the current month as thats a basic metric as to how well the business is tracking. 

"Last Month" because I want to know which bills are due given just about all our suppliers are EOM+30 days terms

"All" because quite often I need to look for a purchase or sale but aren't sure which month it's in.