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Sales: Send to Disk (PDF) select form

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Would it be possible to make a form selection available when sending an invoice to disk as is possible in printing or emailing invoices


"Select customised forms when sending an invoice to disk"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: 2 weeks ago

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2021.4, users will be able to select the desired form when using the Send to Disk feature on invoices and purchases.

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I would add the fact that the "undo" button really undo the last thing that was done.

If you're working on a table to change color/borders... the "undo" button will not undo your last change on the table, but the last modification outside the table... very annoying as I need to cancel modifications and reopen the custom form...

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when entering a quote and sending to disc i cannot change the form that it is saved to as you can when emailing or printing

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This should be a no-brainer.  I am constantly having to print to a PDF writer and type in a file name in order to produce a PDF of an invoice using our cutomised form.  PITA!

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This feature needs to be implemented as soon as possible.  I reckon your code writers could have this in place faster than it takes for us to have to go in and change templates and go out and save to pdf.  you have this feature on all other forms and sending and printing invoices.  and while not many people have voted for this feature there are a lot more people who don't have access to vote, don't know about the community pages or just go out and find another software product and bag myob as a bad product.

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When using Send To... we have an issue with this function. We use multiple invoice layouts. When sending an invoice via email, all is good. We can select the correct invoice layout however when sending to disk the invoice is sent only in the default invoice layout. We have to email these invoices to ourselves and then save back to disk. It's a pain. 

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Would it be possible to add a SELECTED FORM when you select Sent to Disk when savng as a PDF.

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I am having the same problem!!  Can anyone advise?  I cannot even figure out how to save the quote as a pdf as it keeps reverting to the Invoice template.

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Yes, I strongly support this! We should be able to save our invoices/quotes in one of the mutiple templates we have created. As it is  the "save to disc" feature is almost useless (for me at least).

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Another user needing this functionability in MYOB AccountRight.  Different customers need different forms such as Invoices, ProForma Invoices etc and the work arounds are labourious.  Given you can select a different form to print it would be wonderful to be able to skip lots of steps and be able to select a form to save to disk as well.