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Sales: Send to Disk (PDF) select form

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Would it be possible to make a form selection available when sending an invoice to disk as is possible in printing or emailing invoices


"Select customised forms when sending an invoice to disk"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thank you for the idea. We can certainly see the benefit in being able to select a preferred form when using the 'Send to Disk' option. We request others to vote and comment on this Idea, if they would like this included in the program. In the meantime you could use the Print option to print to a PDF writer, to be able to create a PDF copy of your Invoice using your preferred form.

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Print to PDF in  Account right creates a very poor image quality PDF  as if it flattens image to a low resolution JPeg for any headers  logos etc..


Also does not print  table borders  as they would appear on a printed invoice template.  this does not happen when creating pdf t in the email option???



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When emailing sales or purchases - "Send to... Email" - there is an option to select the form that you wish to use however this option is not available when your select "Send to... disk".  Is this something that I need to set up or is it simply not an option? I have lots of different forms that I use so setting up a generic default form isn't really going to work for me. It's quite frustrating and would love this solved.

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Yes, this would be a great idea.  I spend a lot of time trying to go between different forms - mainly to change the terms.  MYOB's sugggestion to Print to PDF does not work for me because doing it this way results in a very low resolution, unprofessional looking invoice - another issue I am having with MYOB. Have tried printing to various PDF writers but the result is always a very low resolution form.

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We all know how terrible print to PDF qulaity is especailly since WIN 10.
Surely after this much time MYOB can listen to its subscribers and add the select form function that is available to email for send to disk.
This should not be a hard add and need years of customers voting....


Come on MYOB make your users experience more user friendly....

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Yep, waiting, waiting, waiting for such a basic option. Smiley Frustrated

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Is this option available yet?