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Sales: Sending customers an email of all outstanding invoices

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bulk invoice email


"I have Accountright and want to send a client an email with a copy of each outstanding invoice."

Super Partner GDK
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Can we have a setting that allows when emailing multiple invoices for the same card the invoices sent in one PDF per email rather one invoice per PDF per email?


Can we have an option where we can send other documents such as timesheets or terms of business as attachments when we email an invoice ?



MYOB Moderator Nicole_Brand
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MYOB Moderator
Thank you for your suggestion. It's a great way to minimise the emails sent to frequent customers, where one email has all of the outstanding invoices within it. What do others think? If you like this idea, please vote!
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Definite great idea, nothing worth than at end of month having to send client 4 seperate emails

Contributing Cover User WW
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This would be a great idea.  It would also be nice to be able to select a receipt advice so you know the client has received the email with invoiceds attached.

Experienced User scareykerri
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Great idea.  Very useful for us as well.

Super Partner GDK
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In a future upgrade can you implement functionality where one PDF file is created for multiple invoices? This would be a time saving feature since many companies would like multiple invoices in one file not one file for each invoice.

Ultimate Partner BooksInTheCloud
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great idea love itHeart

Super Partner GDK
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I Agree tthat it is great idea for time saving and reducing email clutter reasons

Experienced Partner CEO_BA
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Good work in implementing attachments to emails.


It would be great if when sending statements (for clients to pay outstanding balances), there was an option to include all original invoices that are referred to on the attached statement. Clients will often ask for the invoices that are referred to on a statement, and rather than having to generate them as .pdfs and then re-attaching them in MYOB, they could all be generated as attachments to the statement email. Hopefully not too difficult now that you have sorted the attachment to email feature! Smiley Happy



MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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MYOB Moderator
Thank you for your feedback, statements being emailed including a copy off all open invoices for the client is something that we would be happy to consider, in the meantime you can email Invoices to your clients separately using the Print/Email Invoices section. To show your support for this idea, don't forget to vote on it.