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Sales: Time Billing - Allow activity to be entered without pop up list appearing

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When you are entering data into the line items for a Time Billing invoice, the system will automatically pop up the Activities box, so you can click on an activity.


The issue with this is there is a delay in the box appearing which really slows down data entry via keyboard. Previously you could start typing and the list would auto reduce, you could then arrow onto the correct choice and tab off the field. Nice and quick.


When you have significant activity data to enter this is a real speed issue.


Client had stayed on v19 due to speed advantage (and lots of data to enter), so after moving to AR Live it's very noticable.





 "Remove auto pop up of Activity field in Time billing invoices to speed up data entry"



AR Activity pop up.png
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Edit: Should also say I spoke withi Support who confirmed it's not possible to have this feature turned off, and to go and create my own 'Idea' for it.