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Sales: Time Billing Layout - Work in Progress

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I need to be able add further hours to Time biiling invoices which are already saved.

The Work In Progress(WIP) button needs to be available in 2012 as it was in Version 19!


Or supply a solution to this if one is available in the current version, as I can't see a way.


Please work on getting this functionality back, as it is a necessity!



"Please put the WIP Button back on Time Billing invoices."

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2013

Thank you for the feedback, its great to see the community voting on this to show their support for this idea, improving the TimeBilling section is something we are looking into.

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YES YES YES Bring back the WIP!!!

Contributing Partner Julie_Stap
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In Version 19 in Time Billing invoicing you could add some lines of WIP and format it in the invoice then add more lines by using the WIP button to go back to the time billing. Please add the WIP button to Account Right Live.



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We need to be able to have lines on an invoice from WIP and leave the amount blank not with $0.00. We bring WIP in and then format our invoice with one line only with an amount on it. The zero's look ridiculous. I know I can use headers instead of the lines brought in but it is time consuming and was not previuosly necessary.

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YES this is a Necessity!!! 


We have just upgraded to "Live" and are not happy with speed and the "WIP" button missing..


Come on.. how are me meant to invoice out time (labour ) and also Materials from Supplies and stock????????????????


This need sorting now! 


otherwise GOOD BYE MYOB

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I agree with the above comments.  


This idea was posted 9 months ago and is still marked as 'New Idea' - when can we expect to see this implemented?


Until this is fixed, it is not worthwhile for anyone who uses Time Billing to upgrade from the Classic platform (V19) to the AccountRight Live and everyone in this situation then aren't able to benefit from the other great features in AccountRight Live (namely bank feeds and online features).


Any of us who have upgraded to AccountRight 2013 and use TimeBilling are wasting a lot of time preparing invoices which we cannot recoup.  This time is a lot more than the time saved with the bank feeds.

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Thank you for the feedback, its great to see the community voting on this to show their support for this idea, improving the TimeBilling section is something we are looking into.
Contributing Partner Julie_Stap
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Yes!!!! Please bring back the WIP button!!!


It takes so long to do an invoice now!! As Interaccounts mentioned the time saved on using bank feeds is good but the time wasted on invoicing now is ridiculous!!!


Please include this in the next release!!!

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Yes please bring back WIP button, or other method to attach time billing slips to invoices. i prepare detailed quotes, once work is complete I ad the actual time sheet entries to the job. I can no longer do that, although i've been doing it easily prior to the 'update'. This creates a great deal of unneccessary time wasting by creating all invoices again from scratch. Please put this back!!

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Is anything happening with the WIP button and recurring transactions. I started with AccountRight live and had to reconvert becuase this was missing.  Now I am missing out on every upgrade that does not have this feature as without it my invoicing will be too labourious. I would like to see it re-introduced. Please?

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Hear Hear!  I also use time billing for our invoices.

It's fine for those who do get charged per hour, but for clients on a mandate where you want to show the hours completed, but then charge a monthly mandate on one line, it looks unprofessional having a whole column of zeros against each hours line.

Why can't we have the option of having either nothing or a number?