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Search: Ability to search for partial item description




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We are a small business with a large volume of SKUs, and approximately 30,000 line items. We can't remember all the product descriptions so the ability to search within a description string is quite essential. Xero and Sassu both search the entire description whereas MYOB requires you to enter the exact description. This is a real pain to generate item based invoices.

For example:


Product Description: Dark Blue Shirt


For MYOB you must search: "Dark" to bring this item up as an option, whereas you should be able to search for "blue".


MYOB retailmanager allows asterisk and question mark wildcard operators (ie *blue*) to search for a string within a string. At the very least Accountright should be able to offer this search functionality. I can't image it would be difficult.


The same search functionality would be useful for Customer, supplier and pretty much any other searchable field.


We will not be able to migrate invoicing to MYOB until this feature is enable or a suitable work-around (ie wildcards) is provided.

"Improved search functionality for searching within item description"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you for voting for this idea

I'm pleased to announce with the release of AccountRight 2016.3 comes a new way to search and select items for your Sales, Purchases and Inventory Windows. This allows for the user to search for item number and name, even bring a list up of all items that contain a series of characters in the name/number i.e.



You can find more information into this feature and how to obtain the update on AccountRight 2016.3 now available

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Hi @magerpain


RetailManager allows an asterisk (*) to be used as a wildcard if you have the predictive search option ticked when you go to look for an item.


RetailManager v12 is the latest version however there will be an update available shortly.

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Looking for a more workable way of searching for products when we're producing an invoice. We need to be able to search by part number or description (or part thereof), but currently we can search for products by exact description, or by changing a setting (for which we need to close the current invoice) by part number. 

In the inventory screen it has a search function similar to what we need, how hard would it be to take this and put it into the invoicing section to make MYOB more user-friendly?

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This person had a similar problem in 2012 and there has been no satisfactory response (but for some reason his thread was closed).

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UPDATE: the inventory list search function is EXACTLY what we are looking for in the invoiceing search function: the ability to search either part number (or part thereof, not necessarily the start of the part number) or product description (or part thereof, as above). Surely just some code that needs to be copied and put into the invoiceing module? How hard can it be?

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Hello @Steven_M, I think you might have misunderstood me. 

When we are producing a new "items" invoice, for items in our inventory, currently we need to know either the exact product code or the exact description of the product we are trying to bring up, to select it from the list and add it to the invoice lines. 

For instance, if I was to try to invoice an apple, and the product code for this is RDAPPL, and the description is Apple, Red, I can only find this product mid-invoice by typing "Apple, Red" (or, if I have it set up to search by product codes, RDAPPL). So if I have forgotten the description or the format of the description on this product, and type "Red Apple," nothing will come up.

What we need is a search function within the invoicing module that will pick up any key entries and search for it in the inventories list.

Is this clear enough, or have I confused it more?

Is anyone else having this difficulty that can explain it better?

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Hello @Selby


Yes I understand what you are asking, any words/letters that come up in the description to show in the inventoried list when creating the invoice. I can see how this will be very useful for clients with many items with simmer descriptions.


We are always looking for new ideas that will make AccountRight more user friendly. 

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Thanks @KattC, you've nailed it in one. 

If there is anyone else with similar frustrations it might be in their best interest to vote this up...

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When generating an invoice and you are not sure of the Item Number or you have the incorrect number, could there be a box "Search all Items"  as a short cut rather than going to Inventory - Item List - Search and then back to your invoice and you have to memorise or copy. I know there is a drop down window that appears (which is great some times - but when the number is really incorrect and you are better off with a specific word seach) This would reduce the amount of backward forward in and out of windows.


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We are not able to search by Item number as there are to many to remember. 


We set the search on Item Name but there are no options to set how the autofill searches the name field just the default search of starting with the first letter in the name field.


We require autofill to search by 'any word' not the default search. Everybody remembers the name differently but can remember part of it.


MYOB please give us more options here!

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I have been CRYING out for this for ages over the phone...each time...yes we will look into it. A couple of weeks ago I get a call from MYOB to get me to update my version.  I explained that if it had this above option then I would DEFINIATELY upgrade.  I was informed that YES IT DOES.  So I signed up only to be VERY disappointed once I got the softwear.  It was exactly the same as my old version. Now after 3 hours on the phone I'm still waiting for an  answer on what step to take next regarding refunding me.  The new upgrade is no benefit for my business, but if it had this option it would save me AT LEAST 3 hours per week.  PLEASE FIX IT URGENTLY!   And by the way...who pays for my time waisted?   I'm not a complainer but was dissapolinted with the serivce. Business is shouldn't be complaining Smiley Surprised)