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Settle Returns & Credits: Print Apply to Sale transaction

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I think there should be an option to print a proper credit note (not unlike a remittance advice) from the software, for example if a customer double pays an invoice in error. It is beyond me why there isnt this feature already. Doesnt matter which way I record the credit I still cant print a credit note, eg:


Option 1) Receive Payments, go to customer, tick include closed invoices, allocate the amount against the same invoice they have accidentally paid twice, go to Settle Returns & Credits, Pull up customer, Allocate to sales, record the credit....right here is where you should be able to either print a credit note advice or email one. This way of recording is not only the correct way but it is better than recording a negative invoice as it cleary states it is a credit arising from, whichever invoice has been double paid, it doesnt mess with my stock, there is a good audit trail and notifies the customer cleary why the credit has arisen and where the credit has been allocated to (other oustanding invoices).


Option 2) Second option is go to enter invoice in the sales area, create a negative invoice, but if you dont change it to service layout it will mess with your stock if you have it in an item layout for one, it does not clearly explain what invoice number the double payment relates to or where the credit will be reallocated to, and finally you cant print or email it anyway either!


So in the mean time, I bypass the issue by print screening the credit note screen (option 1) and attach it to an email and explain it all in there, but its silly and makes more work for me.


Surely many people have experienced the same issue?



*EDIT - changed name of Idea to make it more descriptive of idea.