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Setup: Cancel button for when close X button is pressed by accident

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If the close button is pressed by accident, a pop up window comes up and asks if you want to back up the company file.  there is no option to cancel out of this program close function if the close button is used by accident (which is seem to do fairly often)

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2016

Hi everyone,


It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the next release of AccountRight - v2016.1 will have a confirmation box when closing the application.


Thank you for all your comments and votes and your patience.

Ultimate Partner ronatbas
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If Live Accounts is the same as its desk bound family the fix for this is to press yes then Cancel at the next screen.



Contributing Partner Natty
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Could we get an "are you sure" box when closing down file.  I sometimes click the close cross by accident and used to be able to say yes to backup and then cancel that and you would stay in the file, but now cancelling backup just closes the file down.

MYOB Moderator Barry_C
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Thanks for the fantastic idea. We would love to hear what other users think. Please keep the votes and comments coming.
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When you have multiple windows open on your computer screen, it is very easy to accidently click on the MYOB exit button when you are trying to quit an application.


Can we have an escape option if we do accidently click on the exit button in the menu bar, since it takes so long to log-out then log back in again when you are Online? It is so frustrating that if you click on the exit button, there is no second chance. This is especially true of the Business Insights screen where the only way back to AccountRight is via the Esc key. Click the exit button and you quit both Business Insights and MYOB.



Experienced Cover User Jackwaj
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If this duplicates a "great idea" previously suggested more than a year ago, why no action to date?

Former Staff JasonHill
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Hi @Jackwaj 


As much as they would like to, unfortunately our development team cannot always implement every idea promptly. One of the reasons that we use the Idea Exchange is to help prioritise their work. We really appreciate all the feedback as it helps the team prepare the product roadmap and add new functionality that would have the biggest impact on making business life easier for clients.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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What an excellent idea. That feature is available on another operating system, which I found invaluable.

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Totally agree. Why not just have a simple Yes/No if you accidentally hit the button?

I often have multiple windows open over 2 screens and have hit the close button by mistake a number of times.

Hate to say, but I selected "Yes" to backup and then cancel, but it still exited the program leaving me to have to log in again (AccountRight Standard).

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If you accidentally hit the red corned cross (shut down) on the screen in the old MYOB, it used to give you a back up option and if you hit cancel backup then you would go back to the program and carry on. 


With the new one there is no option to change it f you accidentally click this shut down button instead of minimising, it just takes you right out and you have to go through the start up process again


I suggest it would be a good idea to have a message to say "are you sure you want to shut down" prior to it closing.

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PLEASE, PLEASE. for all use old folks with glasses, make logging out a two stage process as most other softwear in the world does.

 the number of time i have pushed the wrong X and completle logged out of the app, when all I wanted to do was change option drives me mad.

please put ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO EXIT MYOB on the x key , because when you are buzy working and you go to close a page and out of the corner of your eye you press the wrong X it takes minutes and alot of swear words to get back to where you were.