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Setup: Cross platform product

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Re-Brand / Re-Badge / Re-Work MYOB V19.10 to make it as a True Cross Platform desktop only product

Should not require much tweaking or twerking at R & D level to bring it to this stage

95% of the work has been done already

Sell the Product with BOTH installers in the box (Windows and Mac)

The demand is there!!!

There are a lot of customers who do not want / need their data (or their heads) in the cloud

If MYOB were to market this at a price-point (with limited or email only support) I beleive it's Sales would make it viable.

And you would cater for a lot of currently un-happy clients


"MYOB Desktop Software Windows and Mac"

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It seems a lot of AccountEdge 11 users have been caught short with the loss of cross platform compatibility between Mac and PC with the release of AccountEdge 11. Not all Accountants are members of the Partner Program and have to do accounts from Account Edge 11 reports rather than the data file.


My idea is this:


MYOB should provide a database conversion tool that can convert an AccountEdge 11 data file to an AccountingPlus 18 or 19 file.


Alternatively they should provide a data file conversion service to convert an AccountEdge 11 file to an AccountingPlus file. I for one would be more than happy to pay a fee for this kind of service.


AccountEdge 11 files are c-tree databases and AccountingPlus files are SQL databases. There are database conversion tools for this purpose (i.e.. Converting c-tree to SQL) but way beyond my computer skills and I imagine I am not alone here.


What do other AccountEdge 11 users feel?


Nick aka NHAM

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We are looking at moving from PC to MAC as soon as possible. We currently work in AccountRight Plus 2012, after upgrading from v19 around a year ago. I am quite surprised to have been told that in order to changeover to AccountEdge, seeing we are running the 2012 version of AccountRight, we will loose an entire years worth of data, as it is only compatible with v19 or earlier… I assume that this could only be temporary, with the number of upgrades and improvements happening everyday to ensure smooth running of the system, I’m sure something like this is being addressed. I would appreciate any feedback on this matter.

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We currently use AccountRight Plus (v19) with the account file located on an office server to access it locally and remotely via our intranet link, this has the disadvantage of only being able to access the account file one user at a time. We also use payroll and inventory control as part of our business.


We thought that AccountRight Live Plus was going to solve our access problems. If we were all working on PC based machines it would. But unfortunately we utilise a mixture of PC and Ipads/Iphones (as I’m sure many businesses do).  So if we were to go with AccountRight Live Plus we would solve our multi-user conflicts with the PC interfaces, but no help with the Ipad or Iphone interfaces, as the platforms are not supported.


The Live Accounts system is an alternative that would cross the PC and Ipad/Iphone platforms, but it has no functionality for inventory management.


The multi-platform (MAC & PC) must be something that MYOB have in the development pipeline for AccountRight Plus? I'm sure we are not the only company that’s using multi-user PC and Ipad systems for payroll, inventory management and invoicing!


Can you let us know what is in the development pipeline for expanding either the AccountRight Live Plus or Live Accounts functionality to give the coverage that we need?

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Hi BartonJonesWines,


The latest incarnation of MYOB is windows based only at the moment, and while I do not work for MYOB, believe this will remain this way.


I cannot comment on live accounts but believe it may work on the web. I've just never used it.


You can run MYOB AccountRight on MACs using emulation (parallels) but am not sure regarding iphones or ipads or products of that nature.


The only alternative i can think of is that there may be third-party providers who cater for iphone and ipads and can integrated with windows MYOB. Unfortunately, we at Accounting Addons, specialise mostly on the windows platform with only a few clients on the MAC and most of our tools would probably not suit your business (we do mainly analytic).


Best of luck.


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Hi BartonJonesWines,


I think i want a similar solution - We are running AccountRight Plus and want the features of the MYOB for Mac product that has an ipad/iphone app that can raise purchase orders etc from a iphone.  


MYOB please listen to all the peple who run businesses out in the field with PCs back in the office - create us an app too.



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Here here... What forward thinking business on the move doesn't hav an iPad!  


We want to be able to quote on the job through myob on an iPad, one reason we got the latest LIVE myob but now find out we can't do. We will move to alternate program if something else is available and myob don't make improvements in this area or at least give us an alternate solution.  It's not can we do it, it's how do we do it...that's what always needs to e asked with technology!


hope for a positive reply from MYOB!

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Hi BartonJonesWine, thank you for your feedback.


We are working for compatibility for mobile devices, at this time we cannot confirm when these will be available however and exactly what devices will be supported. Apple products are certainly something that we're looking into supporting but as it is too early in the development process I cannot confirm if this will be supported at this stage.

Hi TSGTanya, currently we have an app for the iPad, which allows integration with our Mac accounting software, AccountEdge, this app is called AccountEdge Mobile and offers the features that you have suggested. Switching to AccountEdge on a Mac PC is the only thing I could suggest to be able to add iPad support in the short term. However if you were to do this, your AccountRight Live file would not be able to be brought across and you would need to bring across your old v19 file or start a new file with appropriate opening balances.


Kind Regards,
Matthew - MYOB Client Support.

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I need to be able to do payroll on my ipad, why isn't this possible. I downloaded the new app and was annoyed this isn't part of the package !

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Hi @Rielyboo

Thank you for your comments and feedback in regards to the AccountRight Live program working on a Mobile device.

Currently the MYOB OnTheGo app is targeted at selling and managing contacts on a mobile device. There is no direct access to Payroll at this stage from the OnTheGo app. Currently if you would like to this feature you may be looking for a possible add on solution which allows for payroll to be completed on a Mobile device. MYOB Add on Solutions would be the best place to start as it does list the approved add on solutions. Please note that these programs are developed by third parties and may have additional costs and features.

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I recently called to ask if I can continue my existing subscription from PC to MAC and also if I could trnasfer my existing MYOB data file from the PC to MAC.


I was told on both accounts "No"

- So I'd have to purchase the MAC version of MYOB (frustrating but doable)

- I'd also have to manually re-enter all of my account data from my PC data file to the MAC (this is ridiculous in this day and age)


So I have opted not to buy the mac version and keep my PC as well as the MAC computers, just to run MYOB!


Maybe look at microsoft 365 where where you purchase 1 subscription and you can use it on up to 4 computers, MAC or PC or a combination.


The ideal scenario is that you purcahse MYOB (same prices), you are able to install on at least 2 devices (Desktop and Laptop) and you can export data between platforms.