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Hello all,


I had, until this week, understood that the Multi-Currency functions in the Classic Premier version would be available in the 2014 Live version later this year.

It appears that this is now not the case, and may not even happen next year, or even longer.


I have a number of clients now using M-C in Premier v19.10 who want to move to the live version to obtain the benefits that they see available, but it now seems they will be stuck with the old version for quite some time.

All that they get for their almost $1200 pa subscription is updates of tax tables.


I urge all Premier M-C users and those with clients using M-C to vote to have this functionality returned without delay.




Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2020

Hi Everyone

Following on from our earlier AccountRight multi-currency beta program, AccountRight 2019 and 2020 versions has introduced the multi-currency feature to a variety of windows and functions. Check out Working with multi-currency to get started.

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Agree with the above comments, very very poor value for the subscription. Thats not taking into consideration the extra hours spent doing reconciliation work without live bank feeds.


How many users does MYOB currently have on this subsciption? Surely the revenue generated by these customers should be getting put straight into development of the features we require. Another 3 months to finish development? We are all in business and understand that within reason, the more resources that are allocated to a job, the faster if will be compelted. It appears MYOB is not taking this approach, as what will they gain from this upgrade? nothing! They won't generate any aditional revenue, hence there is no incentive for them to speed up the development.


Based on MYOB's past inability to deliver software according to their own shedule there is no gaurantee it will even be completed in January

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Thanks for your feedback @Ray-T and apologies for the delay. MYOB will invest $40 million in research and development this financial year to improve our software and services, but as mentioned above, adding multi-currency functionality to Premier is proving more difficult and time-consuming than initally anticipated. We thank you for your patience while the development team works to implement the feature.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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We have clients looking at other options for multicurrency, which really saddens me.  Development team - I know you're working on this, please may we have this before it's too late and we've lost more clients to other software providers.  

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Multi Currency for Premier19 Account Right.

When is it envisaged now that this MYOB version will have multi currencies version available?

We have been with MYOB since version 2 and always been impressed and enjoyed running the best accounting software for our business.  With Zero now a popular alternative it will interesting to see which system gets the multi-currency version up and running first.  Please action this quickly to stay abreast of your competitors.

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Hi @WendyH and @Gaye,


Thank you for your  votes and comments. Adding multi-currency functions to the AccountRight Live range is proving to be more challenging than our developers originally anticipated. It is therefore taking longer than planned. We will provide an update with more details soon. We request others to please continue to vote on the idea. 

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Seriously looking at Xero, because sending 30MB MYOB between offices so other people can enter accounting info is archaic at best, and open to file corruption at worst. Time to get this done, because there are more and more competitors in the market who get the whole 21st century thing.

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I don't use multi-currency any more but the only way I can migrate to Live is to re-enter my data with the nice "bonus" of cleaning up 'dead information'.  Not at all satisfactory MYOB for your exorbitant fees.


SURELY a switch can be set to permit the turning off of the multi-currency feature??!!  A few lines of programming? Or, if you must insist that it cannot be, an option to upgrade all data files (with $0 start values) to Live EXCEPT those that have previously involved multi-currency function?  A few more lines of programming.  And hours saved by the customer.


Alternatively:  reduce the fees and continue to support Premier.

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Is there any update on the multicurrency feature in Premier?  We are looking to upgrade before June 2015 (currently using AccountRight Premier 19.10.)




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I understand it's planned for late 2015.

If you need it before then, have a look at International Payments for MYOB

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Hi @TTO 

Thank you for feedback in regards to AccountRight Live with multi-currency. 

Currently AccountRight Live doesn't contain multiple currencies. The program development team are still investigating adding it into the program. They are also investigating the possibility of a tool that would remove mutli-currency from AccountRight Premier Classic files so that they can be upgraded to AccountRight Live.

Along with commenting you can show your support for an Idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange by voting for the idea. To vote for an idea select the + Vote button to the left of the Idea's name.

Once again thank you for your feedback I have shared it with the team.