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Setup: Print multiple forms as one print job

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I used to be able to select a dozen invoices, print them to SnagIt, and get one file with 12 pages. Now I get 12 files of 1 page that have to be saved individually. Vote for this!


"Print multiple forms as one print job"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: January 2014

A big thanks to Stuckster for posting a workaround that people can use in the meantime while we're working on this. We're certainly happy to look into making this this change in a future update, its great to see so many votes and comments on this, anyone who hasn't already and wants to see this changed please do keep voting.

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This was requested in 2012 and it has still not been completed? Why?  It is only a small feature and version 19 had that. How many more years it is going to take? any idea on timeline?




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In the desktop myob we could print multiple invoices for a client as one pdf file and attach it to an email. With the new account right we cannot do this - it is extremely time consuming to print and save idividual invoices and then send them. We also used to print and save our invoices in batches of 1000, so we could look up history of various jobs and clients.

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It would be excellent to be able to save mulptiple sales invoices as a single pdf directly from myob. 

Thank you

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Yes we also would like to be able to save multiple invoices to a single pdf.

It is timely to save each and name them all as you go, then merge them as a pdf. 

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We recently upgraded from v19 to 2018 and noticed that when we try and print to PDF for a number of payslips, it creates indidivudal files instead of printing as a batch. We are printing batches of 20 or more that we then have to merge into one PDF after printing all these individual files. In v19 the default was to print a batch as one PDF, which seems more logical as they have all been selected to print together. If this default was changed or there was an option to print to PDF as a batch it would save a lot of time and be most helpful.

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Since the last update, The Sales-print/Email invoice function has changed. If you try and print multiple invoices at a time the invoices will print but the packing slips only print the first 5. Very frustrating and time consuming please fix this!

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We have the problem of if we select more than 10 invoices to print at one time only 3-5 invocies print. It would be good if we could save a batch to PDF and then print the PDF file. I think it would be a lot quicker too as printing invoices at the moment takes anywhere from 1-3 hours... Not time or cost effective at all

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In Account Right 2019 when you run a payroll and print payslips you cannot print them all to a single pdf file, they send them individually which is time consuming and cumbersome especially if you have 20+ staff. Other way is to print all the payslips and then scan and save to a pdf file to send to your clients. Again a waste of time and paper. In previous versions of Account right it worked so well, why change something that was a great feature. MYOB please bring back this option of printing all payslips to a single pdf file.
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I'm not entirely sure I'm understanding your query, but you CAN save a full payrun or selection of payslips as PDFs through the reporting option without needing to print and then rescan - no paper/ink needed!


Go to Reports, Payroll, select the relevant date/s and all/specific employees - then, through the "Print Preview" option use "Separate Pages" so that each payslip prints individually. Once you have the selection required, use the "blue" "down arrow" (aligned with menu options on the status bar) to "Export" to "PDF" and save as relevant -works very well and I use it often!!

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We used v19 and the lack of this function in 2019.3 is a significant productivity loss.

We regularly send batches of open invoices to customers and do not want to have to name and label each one.

It is a really painful step backwards.