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Setup: Print multiple forms as one print job

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I used to be able to select a dozen invoices, print them to SnagIt, and get one file with 12 pages. Now I get 12 files of 1 page that have to be saved individually. Vote for this!


"Print multiple forms as one print job"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: January 2014

A big thanks to Stuckster for posting a workaround that people can use in the meantime while we're working on this. We're certainly happy to look into making this this change in a future update, its great to see so many votes and comments on this, anyone who hasn't already and wants to see this changed please do keep voting.

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Hello Charlotte 

see how you go with downloading Cute free ftp writer.

It installs as s printer and can be selected instead  of the default printer .




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Thanks for your reply, but I am not convinced that will solve the problem. I use Microsoft XPS for everything, and do not want any more software. If you select several pay slips to print, they come up on the printing queue as, say, 6 documents, instead of 1 document with 6 pages. That is the problem I am having. Surely even 'Cute ftp writer' will therefore create 6 files as well. I just want it the same as it was in AccountRight v19!

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Follow up: I tried Cute PDF writer, and I still get several files, instead of one, so this hasn't solved the problem.

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See for a workaround using PDF creator; and cast your vote while you are there.

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Many thanks for posting this issue, print to one print one/job is a must.


So glad to find that it is a well conversed issue among users, welcome a fix!


Using: AR Plus AU ver.2014.3

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The older verson of MYOB AccountRight used to be able to print numberous invoices to PDF. The new verson now only prints them as many individual PDF files. 


I used to go to print/email invoices and select the invoices I wanted to print (say around 20 of them). I would print them to pdf and they would be 1 file with 20 pages. Easily emailed to customers and without them having to open up 20 seperate PDF files. 


Can this be modified to work as it did previously? This is quite frustrating as every week I need to group a number of invoices together and now I will have to print them and scan them in order to have them as 1 PDF file. 


Please Help!!!

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I use Nitro PDF 8 and when I print out the individual invoices I open Ntiro PDF and on the ribbon is an option to combine PDF files

This allows you to combine trie all the PDF files sort them into an order and save all to a single PDF

You can save the file as say Customer Name Month Year Invoices .PDFway 

I then just go to my usual email program and email it to the client

While this is an addittional process outside MYOB find it  was the best way to resove the problem

Checkit out here


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Went from Version 19.7 to Version 2014.3 - why would this have changed?


Printing multple invoices to one PDF file is a must, I use this function often.

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Hi @Moe 

Thanks for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight Version 2014.3 program and the ability to  print multiple sales to in one PDF file, I have passed it onto the team. As noted by Matthew the idea is under consideration and the workaround by Stuckster while it can take long does appear to work for myself and other users.

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When printing paper copies to an actual printer the whole batch comes out as long as the boxes are selected.  If you follow the same process and print to PDF they print one at a time with the same subject and there is no preview so you do not know whose payslip you are saving until afterwards.  this generally means that some get saved over  the top of others.  Mostly I end up physically printing them all and then running them through the scanner to get my electronic version.  This is obviously very frustrating.


Either make them so you can PDF the whole batch, or at least be able to differentiate the names of the payees please.  The new system makes no sense and I cannot see how it would be useful for anybody the way it is currently.  especially those with more than one or two employees (and you probably wouldn't necesarily need MYOB Premium for this capability if you only had a couple of staff members!)