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Setup: Print multiple forms as one print job

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I used to be able to select a dozen invoices, print them to SnagIt, and get one file with 12 pages. Now I get 12 files of 1 page that have to be saved individually. Vote for this!


"Print multiple forms as one print job"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: January 2014

A big thanks to Stuckster for posting a workaround that people can use in the meantime while we're working on this. We're certainly happy to look into making this this change in a future update, its great to see so many votes and comments on this, anyone who hasn't already and wants to see this changed please do keep voting.

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Hi - I see this was raised a couple of years ago now - has there been a fix for this yet?   Would be really great to have working asap please.  Thanks

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Has this printing multiple Invoices to PDF been fixed yet as I note all these comments are dated 2013 and I STILL have the problem HELP! it is ridiculous to change something that was working fine??



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Hi @sagemanage


Thank you for your feedback in regard to this idea

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I have just changed over to MYOB2016.2 and after many years of printing large bundles of invoices to send to a courier in a single PDF document I no longer have this option. While each PDF printing individually may work for some people and this may be seen as an improvement, to me it is just making my life difficult. Please consider offering both options perhaps.

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Lack of ability to combine to one PDF is a huge inconvenience.  I'm now actively searching for alternatives to MYOB without this function available

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Also the temporary work around of downloading PDF Creator - this software now automatically installs malware, etc so is not ideal

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Please, please, please fix this.....! if I had of known I would not have upgraded.

Not that I think it is much of an upgrade after 1 month into it.... rather a down grade right now.

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I'm going to pipe in here just to add to the chorus of complaints. 


This is just another annoying glitch in the new MYOB AccountRight.  I have downloaded PDFCreator  (which took forever) and while it's a viable workaround, I have to endure ads and multiple steps instead of just clicking a single icon within MYOB.


I'm paying $85 a month for MYOB then I have to download some freeware to get my work done? Come ooooon, get fixing MYOB-peeps, and bring back multiple prints in one print job!


PS Thanks Stuckster for the workaround Smiley Happy

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Thank you Stuckster for the solution to this problem. We also had a need to send hundreds of invoices to a single PDF, and it was a huge surprise for us when we migrated from Premier19 to AccountRight that we could no longer do this.


Note that my security software has noted an adware infection in the PDFCreator download, which may or may not impact on the hundreds (or thousands?) of MYOB users who have needed to download this app to overcome this problem with AccountRight. 


I'm curious as to MYOB's business model that is perfectly happy to allow their customers to risk computer infections rather then invest the time to fix the issue - an issue that's been going on for over 4 years now according to this thread.


Guess MYOB is simply too successful for it's own good?




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Not being able to print as one pdf file is really painful when there are more than 150 invoices - my client is not happy - huge issue in the upgrade. Should be able to choose.