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Single Touch Payroll from 2016 - implications for AccountRight and Essentials

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I have recently read in a tax newsletter, that the government will be simplifying tax and super reporting from 1 July 2016, by introducing Single Touch Payroll. Under this system, an employer's accounting software will automatically report payroll information to the ATP, when employees are paid.


This will eliminate the need to report PAYG Withholding on BAS and the need to issue annual Payment Summaries.


Would like to know whether the Development Team are planning software updates and client training, to meet this change.


Would also like to know the views of other CCs


Kym Yeoward


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Hi @Kym__Yeoward 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight/Essentials and Payroll. We have passed on your feedback in regards to the development team.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @Kym__Yeoward 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight/Essentials and Payroll. We have passed on your feedback in regards to the development team.

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looks like MYOB have been caught with their collective pants down, wouldn't you say?

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Hi @rusty192, Kym's post refers to an initiative by the Australian government to be made effective from July 2016. As Steven has mentioned in his comments, the matter has been passed on to our product development team. Our developers work closely with our compliance team to ensure that MYOB software is complaint with ATO requirements. We will have more information on this when available. 

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Would love to hear comment rom the development team for integration in Single Touch Payroll integration for AccountRight.

i see that MYOB Essentials online has STP included, but if we use AccountRight, when will the development commence?

hopefully it is already underway!


Jemima Craven

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Has there been any update on this?


Although some of my clients are using MYOB Essentials, not everyone is ready / comfortable to do so, nor do I recommend it for all my clients, so it would be nice to know how those of us sticking with Account Right Premier will be catered for. I know we are still a year out but if I have to move to different accounting software to accommodate this requirement I would like time to implement and train staff.

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Greetings all,  MYOB have been heavily involved in the discussions, design and collaboration with the ATO on how his system is going to be implemented.


The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers which I represent, has also been very involved in these discusssions.  The Ato has been listening and taking into account most of what we have been saying to ensure a logical implementation.   


Single Touch Payroll first effects Employer's as of 1 April 2018 when they must establish whether they are a substantial employer (20 or more employees) and if so then they must be in a STP compliant system by 1 July 2018.   Anybody can "opt in" earlier when their system allows them to.


in the mean time there is no rush.  The ATO isn't ready yet either. 


I am am confident that MYOB will be ready when they need to be.


for full information icb has information available at 


Community Manager Suja_P
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Hi Matthew (@Matthew_Addison),


Thank you very much for sharing your insight on Single Touch Payroll, with the rest of the community. As you mentioned, our team will continue to work closely with the ATO and are committed to providing a solution compliant with ATO requirements.

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I am sure MYOB will be ready when the ATO are ready but there is still no answer to the question of whether they will support ALL versions of MYOB including those that aren't cloud based in relation to single touch payroll.


If they aren't going to continue to support Premier, which is what I use, I would like to know sooner rather than later so I can find a non cloud based alternative.

Partner CherylMBA
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Does Account Right Live have STP capablities as there are employers who will want to transition from 1st July 2017. I would like some information to pass on to these clients please. 

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I currently use PC based Accountright V19.14 Plus. Will there be an update to accomodated the single touch payroll legislation as required by the ATO from 1 July 2018?