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Spend Money/Receive Money: Entry of account number drops second character

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When entering an account number in the Banking > Spend Money or Banking > Receive Money forms, the second character typed can appear at a further point in the account number string if typed too quickly.


This problem occurs regardless of the state of the "Use Easy-Fill When Selecting From a List" option.


I've verified this to be the case by using a keylogger on the machine to ensure keystrokes were being entered in the correct order. I've also confirmed that if an account code is copied and pasted from another source that it always appears correctly, so it seems to be exclusively a problem with manually entering a partial or full account number.


What appears to be happening is that after the first keystroke is entered, the account numbers load and lock the interface during loading. If the user is still entering the account number while the list is loading, the second character seems to be stored and kept whilst subsequent characters are entered as normal into the field. Once the list has loaded, the second character entered is then inserted into the string at whichever position is now last in the string.


The result of this is that a user entering "12345" quickly in this field can end up with an account number looking like any of: "12345", "13245", "13425", or "13452". The "1", "3", "4", and "5" are always in the correct order, it's just that the "2" is changing location in the string.


My users most commonly just enter three digits, e.g. "124" in order to have the account number list display all the "1-24xx" numbers, but this bug causes that to appear in the field as "1-42" and as we have no account numbers beginning with "1-42xx", the list of available account numbers is empty.


So far the solution we've been given from MYOB support is "have your users work slower", but that's a very non-ideal solution. It means my users have to not only slow down but also double check every account number they enter in case the digits have been swapped in such a way that the incorrect account number exists and items get coded to the wrong account. 


"Bug - entering digits too quickly in the "Acct No." field causes the second character to be misplaced in the string"

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I agree with this and have also found this a real problem as any time I am entering an acocunt number I have to type very slowly and watch the numbers that are appearing. This was never a problem in previosu versions of MYOB before it went "online". I contacted MYOB re this and was originally told that my internet connection was too slow (which is a common answer for many MYOB issues) but I also found the same problem with the file when taking it offline and using it direct from my hard drive. THere seems to be so many bugs in the online MYOB version and my data entry time is so greatly increased that we are now looking at other programs to see if they will operate faster and in a more user friendly fashion.

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I have the same problme when entering data into an Invoice

I can get ahead of the ability of Myob to accept input data and I can overwrite the pricing or the description of the item

This is a major problem as customers can get incorrect pricing on Invoices or stock levels can be put out by incorrect quantities being invoiced


i have double checked my keystrokes and the error is in MYOB not in the inputting


Another MYOB bug that requires fixing




MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone 

Thanks for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and the entry of data into the account number field. This is something that the team are addressing in an up and coming update. More information into the update and how to access it will be available closer to release.

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I have this same problem too.  At first i thought my data entry skills were lapsing, but then realised the problem occured when the numbers are typed in too quickly. It is most frustrating.  I'm glad it's set to be addressed in the next update.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

AccountRight 2016.3 fixed a situation where if the digits were typed quickly into Account number fields it would miss characters. 

You can find out more information into AccountRight 2016.3 and how to obtain the update via AccountRight 2016.3 now available.