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Spend Money: Remove the warning for Pay Bill transactions (when supplier is selected)





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Hi, one of the more annoying features that I find is when MYOB wants to persistently warn me when I make a Spend Money entry that perhaps I should be using Purchases for this entry when this is not so.  This annoying little warning holds me up every time.


Thanks Debbie


"Remove or provide an option to remove the warnings for Purchase Entries"


If the cheque you are entering is a payment for a purchase that you have recorded, you should be using "Pay Bills" instead of "Spend Money"



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

Thanks for the great suggestion @DebTraj .Anyone who would like and opion to disable or hide pop-up warnings please cast your vote here. Please comment stating which warnings you would like to be able to disable.

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I came looking for an answer to the same question!  Is there a way of getting rid of this warning and others?

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I would like the warning which appears when using Spend Money optional.  It has been 7 years since this post started.  Has anything been done about it yet?

I have looked but can't find anything.


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I enter a lot of expenses paid by credit card as 'spend money' because they are usually for many different suppliers. The warning that pops up is really annoying and time consuming. If MYOB could either get rid of the warning altogether or at least provide an option to not display the warning, that would be very much appreciated.

Hopefully thanking you in advance??


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This can't be that hard that it takes 7 years to resolve. Should be less than a days work to add an option and hide the warning message if it is true.

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Come on MYOB Sort this out already