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Spend Money: Remove the warning for Pay Bill transactions (when supplier is selected)





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Hi, one of the more annoying features that I find is when MYOB wants to persistently warn me when I make a Spend Money entry that perhaps I should be using Purchases for this entry when this is not so.  This annoying little warning holds me up every time.


Thanks Debbie


"Remove or provide an option to remove the warnings for Purchase Entries"


If the cheque you are entering is a payment for a purchase that you have recorded, you should be using "Pay Bills" instead of "Spend Money"



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

Thanks for the great suggestion @DebTraj .Anyone who would like and opion to disable or hide pop-up warnings please cast your vote here. Please comment stating which warnings you would like to be able to disable.

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Yes! Please make all warnings optional!

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I run multiple company files.  On one of the company files when I receive money an annoying warning appears every time I want to receive money.  No it's not payment against an invoice - I would go through Sales, Receive payments.


This feature of "help" is hindering, time consuming and extremely annoying.


PLEASE turn off all warnings.  Yes I have set preferences to no help.


Long time, but getting frustrated MYOB user. 

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This also happens to me all the ime, but not for every supplier.

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Re the prompt to check Pay Bills when entering in Spend Money. I only want the warning if there is a matching Pay Bills amount outstanding for that Client. Too many times you flick across and there is nothing outstanding and then you cant easily flick back to the Spend Money option to keep on processing (but I understand that this is probably there so you check closed Pay Bills to avoid duplication.) Being able to flick back and forth would make life easier.

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Yes, please make this happen.

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I agree is there anyway to get rid of this feature, very annoying


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I see this fix was under consideration in 2014. Is there any way to remove these messages yet?

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MYOB Team, as you can see from above, some of us are still checking in on this issue from 2014 Smiley Sad For some of us we enter many transactions.  I am a bookkeeper an so use your product all day every day so these - what seem insignificant to you - little pop ups are very annoying and time consuming to us.  I have to stop what I am doing to remember to click the correct option otherwise it creates all sorts of issues which I sadly found out after a client didn't understand and actually allowed the program to take him to the purchases area to continue - it was a nightmare.  Are we any further is providing an option to disallow these pop ups?


thanks deb - who wants to work more efficiently but pop ups are getting in my way Smiley Happy 

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Has there been any progress on this, after waiting several years for something to happen ?

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Please can the future-dated payment warning be cancelled? When using full screen for this window, the warning cannot be closed! It is necessary to reduce the window size to find the x to close the warning. 


Likewise, is it REALLY necessary for the electronic payments warning about checking banking details to pop up every time? I mean, after a dozen or so times, you'd think we have received the message loud and clear?  Once per session even is too much, perhaps once a month if you really think we need reminding. But not e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. t.i.m.e.