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Statements: Ability to set a customer's email address for statements

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Any chance we could get the option to setup a unique email address for individual customer so I may email statements out monthly to the customers preferred accounts email address.


I am well aware there are 5 configurable email addresses to choose from but I want to have a dedicated email address for the account statements to go to, sick of changing/forgetting  to pick the correct email address when emailing out dozens of statements at the end of month. 


Such a simple option would make the software so much more valuable.


"Easily Email Statements"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2013

Thank you for the Idea. We can see how having the ability to set up a default email address for Statements can make it easy when sending bulk statements. If other users find this to be a useful addition to the software, please Vote and comment on the Idea. Regards, Suja MYOB Support

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It would be helpful to VIEW a statement without having to PRINT or EMAIL it.

Currently the only alternative is to print it to PDF but this is time consuming.

Can it be done?

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Looking for a more efficient option when emailing bulk statements.  

I use identifiers to group customers, based on the email address # they want the statement emailed to. i.e add identifier B in the card file if they want the statement emailed to email address #2, C for address #3 etc.

However, after this filter I still may have a list of 100 customers and on selecting them all, I then manually have to click on the email address and change it  to address to #2 ... for EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER.  And... this can only be done using the mouse as the enter key or down arrow dont work this way.

Soooo time consuming.  Can anyone suggest how I can do more simply please....???