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Statements: Email or print option

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As a small company the option of printing or emailing statments is a very valuable tool.  However, after emailing the customers who provide you with an email address it would be considerably easier if the same customers did not then appear as an option on the "to be printed" Statement list.  Currently you have to rely on your memory as to whom you have emailed.  So my idea would be to have a default option as to "email or print statements".


"Statements - emailing or  printing option"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2014

Thanks for the great idea Jackie_Welsh. I think the best solution to this would be being able to set delivery status for statements in the customer card file. We would love to hear what others think about this. The best workaround currently would be to setup Identifiers on the customer card, P for print and E for email. This way when going into print/email statements you can filter by identifier.

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We are trying to move toward sending all our invoices and statements via email where we can.  This works great for the invoices because the invoices that I have set the card to 'Send invoices by email" only show up on the "email" tab in "send invoices" and the invoices to print only show up on the "print" tab.


This is not the case for the Statements.  ALL statements to be sent show up under both tabs.  There is no option on the card to "send statement by email".   


When sending statements, on the email tab, you can see all the clients you have email addresses for so that works, however when you go back to the print tab, no email addresses show so how on earth are you supposed to know which clients you have already emailed statements to as the entire list of statements shows on both screens.


I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed yet with so many businesses moving toward emailing rather than printing.  We have version 19.5 and were excited to learn there is a later version however I'm told this problem that we have has not been addressed in the latest version.

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Hi @TrishAllied 


It has been addressed in the following list of "new ideas' needing the same thing as you do:-

  1. Emailing Statements
  2. Statements - emailing or printing option
  3. Emailing vs Printing Statements 

Suggest that you review each, add your comments and vote for each one that appeals to you.  I have voted for each of the above nominated ideas.  30 other users have voted for the same thing as what you have suggested but unfortunately that total vote is spread over 3 practically identical "new ideas".



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As an alternative for now, print the outstanding debtors report before your statements are finalised.  And next to each one place an E=emailed or a P=posted... not ideal but will help Smiley Happy


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I agree with Tazinx these three ideas are basicly ALL trying to achieve the same result IE to have the Statements treated in the same way Invoices are handled.


This is a major headache at the end of each month & MYOB should be trying to make our lives easier not harder!!!!!!!

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Another workaround is to use identifiers to separate the two groups of customers. Update all your customers with two identifiers, eg E and P, or two others if these are already in use; updating can be done through export/import, initially, then manually from then on.


Then when producing statements, use the identifier via the Advanced filter window.


I appreciate this involved customer maintenance, but as I say it is a workaround until something is changed in the program.

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Hello Trish. Thank you for the excellent suggestion. This idea has been raised previously. If you would like to see this feature in a future update, please cast your vote on this idea here:
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Totally agree.  I am not new to Myob but up until now was working in the past.  Decided this month to go fully in the Cloud plus electronic all documents.  I have just run the EOM and this is so annoying. To me this program should automatically detect if no email address default to print.  I have wasted all morning checking who received email and who did not.  PLEASE put this in your priority basket.  We are trying to save paper but seem to be using more and more.

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I'd like to see an option to select whether customers receive Statements via Email or Mail. I have a small number of customers that prefer their Statements to be emailed, but I find it difficult to remember which customers as it is only once a month.

Could there be an option to select Paper or Electronic for Statements and/or Invoices in the Customer Cards then a note of which preference each customer has next to their name in the Print/Email Statements screen?

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Hi CamGuru

Had a very similar situation here, had to go through ALL 1100+ customer based & place in 1 of 2 identifiers (I labelled them P = Print & E = Email) now I just have too select which identifier in 'Advanced Filters' to send statements. Not perfect but it works (for me).

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Thank you for the great suggestion @Dave_D.  We're sure it will benefit users like @CamGuru.


We request others to please continue to vote on the idea so our developers can get an idea on how may users would like this feature. 



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