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Statements: Email or print option

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As a small company the option of printing or emailing statments is a very valuable tool.  However, after emailing the customers who provide you with an email address it would be considerably easier if the same customers did not then appear as an option on the "to be printed" Statement list.  Currently you have to rely on your memory as to whom you have emailed.  So my idea would be to have a default option as to "email or print statements".


"Statements - emailing or  printing option"

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Last Changed: March 2014

Thanks for the great idea Jackie_Welsh. I think the best solution to this would be being able to set delivery status for statements in the customer card file. We would love to hear what others think about this. The best workaround currently would be to setup Identifiers on the customer card, P for print and E for email. This way when going into print/email statements you can filter by identifier.

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Thank you Leanne Cat Happy

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Hi @leanne-pirie 

Thank you for voting for this idea and your feedback. I have shared your feedback with the team.

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I find the identifiers tool very user unfriendly and wouldn't use this because it isn't straight forward for someone who doesn't use the program very often (part timers etc who sometimes set up card files), I still struggle with its overall purpose??  I support the need as suggested in the original comments.

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I would like to see MYOB have a feature where you can select if a customer has their monthly statment emailed or printed. Currently we have over 1000 customers with about a two thirds to one third split on email and printed statements.


Each month we have a check list of email and printed statements for all customers and manually check each one to be printed, then go back and do same process for emailed statements. This is a time consuming job and some customers can easily be missed being sent a statement.


I see in the latest update that there has been this option included for remittance advices being emailed or printed. Why not for customer statements?

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How do others get around statements appearing in both printed and emailed. Is there any way around as the defalt for invoices in my mind should be the same for statements.

It would be nice if they dropped out of the list at month end so it was easy to see which still had to be sent.

Also as many of our clients have different emails for invoices and statements is there a work around or are we expected to remember all of these details for every card.

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The way I worked around this is to put (p) or (f) p= print or f= fax in brackets after the customers name

we did this when email first came in - have since taken all the (e) out as this is now the usual way to send!

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In the Print/Email Invoices window there are the two tabs, To Be Printed and To Be Emailed, and the invoices default to the correct tab depending on the selection made in the invoice delivery section on the customer card. This ability is lacking in the Print/Email Statemnts window and would make sending statemnts far easier if it were included.

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When selecing emailing statements why does MYOB not select only those with email address' at the moment we have to selectr each customer with an email address this should be automatic. each customer.


 Also when printing statements why can we not select all customers without an email address instead of again having to go through one by one and this screen doesnt show email address so it makes it more difficult to know which ones to select.


Not rocket science should be easy to programme.

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I agree, you should be able to separate statements that need to be emailed under the print list. Just like the option for invoices.

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Please please please do consider this change. In the customer card file you get to choose 'invoice delivery' option - to be printed or emailled. Why not have the same option for statements. At the moment we have to refer to a seperate list of customers to work out who is emailled and who is printed at the end of each month, then manually tick each customer one at a time, as all customers come up on the 'statements to be printed' and 'statements to be emailled' list.