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Superannuation -Copy of receipt

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I might be a little old school but I used to be able to print a receipt from the MYOB Super portal / Super fund when a payment was made.


with MYOB version 2018.3 i get nothing - and the only thing i can  Print is whats in the system.


I feel as I am using MYOB as a 3rd party to distribute our company Funds for super  - there should at least be a receipt No, reference No. anything as a  proof of payment for Audit Purposes, Client Proof, querie's


I dont feel that a printout Just from my data file is adequate



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I feel the same.  I would prefer something with a total of all payments made at that time - similar to the Activity summary report.

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Agree, in the Building & Construction Industry we are often requested by Principal Contractors to verifiy our super payments. Till now we have supplied a report from the ATO Clearing House. Have just processed our first super payment run through MYOB Super Payments, and although it is less work - i am unable to substantiate/provide any proof of payment - other than a screen shot? Not sure this is going to be acceptable??


Can you please look to building a more formalised report with Receipt ID, Confirmed payment date etc?

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This is something I have just asked on the Live Chat about, and it seems there is still no way of having some kind of proof of payment receipt when paying super.  I asked if it was something that could be looked at improving on, but was informed there were no similar requests so I should take it up on this forum.  So here is another request for the MYOB team to look at it.