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Tax Inclusive Checkbox Behaviour

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For many, many years now the Tax Inclusive checkbox has been causing issues with data entry. In particular it is imposssible to count the number of times someone has put a freight cost entry in without checking this flag, often entering charges that we know as an exclusive rate (say $10 ex) but the customer is then only charged $9.05 as this simple error is made.


I see two solutions for this that would work well in our situtation.


1) Have an overriding default option to have this either on or off for every new invoice (simplest).

In our situation we would always have this off, but for Retail businesses maybe it would be On.


2) In conjunction with 1, allow a Customer override to default on or off.

This would allow us to simply differentiate our Retail customers from our Trade / Business customers and in the process save us from this odd behaviour of defaulting based on the last invoice entered.


It's a simple 'Quality of Life' type improvement that would be greatly appreciated.



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And, while you are doing this could you PLEASE fix the Spend Money window that always defaults to Tax Exclusive.


Why?  We are in spend money and the default should always be Tax Inclusive.