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Time Billing - still slow as a 'dog'! A passionate plea and some suggestions.

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Hi Team


I am really happy to be using AR 2012 on the Live platform. Thank you.




Time Billing - is still slow as a 'dog'!


As I spend all day every day in Time Billing, as a CC, the 5 seconds it takes to load a new activity slip window and the 6 seconds it takes to save one, feels like an inordinate time - every time I say to myself this Myob programme is 'as slow as a dog', how can I recommend my clients to upgrade from v 19 to 2012?


I just tested v19 and its instant 0.1 sec?


So the comparison of v19 with 2012 is a major part of the problem, but also when I compare with response rates in other application programs, it must be in the slowest 1%


When I access Westpac online banking my image of Westpac is enhanced by the speed of the response times.

I feel - 'what a great, fast moving, modern, up to date company'


When I access Telstra's online billing info system, then I am impressed by the speed of the new parts of their system and frustrated by the old parts that haven;t been converted to the new system.

I feel 'a bit slow and lumbering' and they are getting their act together.


When I access MYOB AR 2012.9 I feel disappointed that a company I respect and work with so closely is letting itself down so badly in the area of performance in time billing which I access 10 times more often than any other part of the system.


I am about to move four company data files from Live Accounts and set them up in AR Live.

This will slow down my Myob activities for this client and we need the functionality of being able to consolidate the companies more effectively, so I am reluctantly making the move


I would like to suggest a target for 2012 version of  reducing the time:-

- to 2 secs by the next release Jan 2013?

- to 0.5 sec by July 2013


Can you do it?

- Technically

Will you prioritise it?

- I realise that not so many of your users utlilise Time Billing, however many of them are 'key influencers'

Will you let me/us know what your plans are?


Thanks for listening


Geoffrey CC



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Thanks for your support of the platform, and we are dedicated to getting a good experience for you and your customers.


We’re sorry to hear that time billing entry in AccountRight 2012 has not met your expectations. We are working on performance with each update, and time billing is on our radar as an area that needs more work.


Your example is of single activity entry in this post, do you prefer to enter your activities using multiple entry or single entry?

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Hi Mark


Thanks for your quick response


Dale has contacted me and it may be a problem with my set up - plan to check it out this afternoon


FYI it's single entry as multiple in current set up doewn't work for me and have already given detailed feedback on that aspect .


All the best