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Timesheets: Ability to email timesheets

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Everyweek I have to individually email individual timesheets to my employess. I find it very time consuming.   I can't even have a template in the email wording.  Hopefully they will add a way, similar to the way we can email out payslips, to the next update as its is a requirement by law that we provide the time sheets to the employees



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Last Changed: March 2015


Thank you for your idea in  regards to AccountRight and Timesheets

Currently AccountRight doesn't allow for the Timesheets to be emailed. I would encourage other users that would like to see the option to email timesheet information to users to vote and comment if required on this idea.

As a workaround you could record the timesheets and run the Reports>>Payroll>>Employee and run the Timesheet report. Once you have displayed the report you can filter it by employee and select the Blue button (top left to the filters tab) and select Send>>PDF this will send a PDF copy of the timesheet report to that employee.

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I reached out on the forum for a solution to this, but the only way is quite manual and cumbersome, but I think many businesses using MYOB AccountRight for Payroll with Shift work will find it valuable.


What I am looking for essentially is a "Timesheet Payslip" which is a payslip that can be sent to staff as they are now in pdf format, that has the timesheets that were used in this payroll included on the bottom of the payslip the included timesheet details at the bottom of the page.

I have attached a mock-up version of what I am thinking of.

The mock-up has had personal information greyed out for privacy purposes, but you get the idea.


I would really like to know if anyone would find this useful and if it would be difficult to create.

I could do it myself if the column options for the timesheet were made available in the Customise Screen for Payslips.



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I have the same issue. The workaround is what I use but it is chunky, slow and very error prone, especially to sending the timesheet to the wrong email recipient.

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This would most definitely be beneficial. It takes so long otherwise