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Timesheets: Apply timesheets (button to save current entry)

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Currently to save changes in Enter Timesheet we have to:

a) leave the current week and switch to another week, or

b) click OK and close the Enter Timesheet window


It would be much quicker to have an Apply button next to OK so that we don't have to leave the current week every time we want to save our changes.




"Apply button for Enter Timesheet in Time Billing"



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Hi @Richardi


Thank you for your comments in regards to this idea.

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Yes - simple stupid! Fix this!

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PLEASE do this!

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I agree a quick save option for the payroll would certainly save time than changing weeks to save the payroll for the person.  Please give it some serious consideration.  Thanks

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Yes please as it is so annoying how it currently has to save.   A save button would be ideal.     I have lost my entire timesheet a few times before if MYOB crashes over the internet.