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To Do List: Accounts Recievable tab - Journal memo/address shown

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Hi, Im a roofer and we do a lot of work for Real Estates, Builders, private jobs, or Stratas etc etc  and deal with a lot of actual physical street addresses.

Not all our jobs have job numbers from the client (real eastates etc) so address is easier to find straight away.


We use the Service Invoices - I am suggesting that the Journal Memo on the Service invoice can be pulled through to the To Do List and also the Accounts Receiveable.

If you can take a column out or add a colum in its place - you customise what you want to pull through.

When we deal with the Real Estate we talk physical address and at the moment I am needing to either go into each invoice to find the job they are talking about (could be up to 100 jobs a month) or go by my written records to find the transaction by the amount due to use the accounts receiveable to match the job.



I would like the following to show so I can quickly and easily match my invoices to the jobs on To Do List and when Receivng Payments.


Would look something like this


Date:      Invoice:   Address (Journal Memo or Ship to address)   Amount:        Job #   Quote #  days /overdue etc.


01/2/16    00006     9990 George St Sydney                                 $  890.00       1/45    16/0045

14/7/16.   11111     0000 George St Sydney                                 $1900.00       888     16/0102  




This way you can see what the invoice number is - what/where it refers to and also easily find an invoice by the address since that is what I deal with - not the actual invoice number.


Even if you can pull extra details through to customise your own screen as you want to see it for your own needs - eg can add Job number or Quote Number (depending how you set up wording wise on your invoice) I use these so have added that as example - this is what I would like to have so I can find everything straight away.



Hope that all makes sense.


Im just busy and need to match my jobs with the address so I can find allocate and get paperwork done a lot quicker.




 *Edited idea name to for easier searching and made it more descriptive of idea.