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To Do List: Payroll

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MYOB Staff Post

It would be great to have a Payroll tab in the ToDo list, where we could get notifications about the employee's.


Things that would be good to have would be:


Payroll Review Date - so we can track when we next need to evaluate the emploee's pay rates


Entitlment Balance Warnings - for when someone is running below a set threshold.


Overworked Hours - to easily see the number of hours someone has worked over their scheduled number of hours per week.


I'm sure others will come up with some other ideas there too!


"Payroll Review & Notifications."

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MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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MYOB Moderator
Thanks for the suggestion Andy, It'll be great to see what other things the community would like to see added to this list as well. Please remember to vote if you would like to see this added in a comment with your suggestions.