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To Do List: Show already actioned items





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While we love the idea of the "to do" function, it does seem to have some flaws:


1. It's great that partners in the firm can assign tasks to other staff members, but it would be even better if they received notification that it had been completed, instead of just disappearing off the "to do" list. It might also pay to not just have an option to view "uncompleted tasks" but also "completed tasks".


2. It would also benefit practices to be able to see who actually assigned the task to you, without having to look under the history tab inside the "to do" window.


3. It doesn't seem any thought has gone in to the tasks that all practices have that may not be client specific. Unfortunately, it has to be launched within a client file. Is there any way that this can also be changed?


4. Another great idea would be a "new" button in the "to do" screen, instead of having to search for the client, go into the client file, go to the "to do" tab and enter a new task that way. Seeming it is a "to do" page, shouldn't we be able to create new ones in the same screen and search for clients through that?


Would love to see some improvements to this function!


Thank you


"To Do" Function"