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To Do List: Stock Alert - My item and Supplier's Item Numbers

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I would love to see the item number displayed in the stock alert, not just the item name. We have a lot of items with the same name but different item numbers so this is very useful to us.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

Thanks for the great suggestion. Including the item numbers in the stock alert would certainly help many users to differentiate the listed items. If you'd like to see this change, please cast your vote here.

MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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Thanks for the great suggestion. Including the item numbers in the stock alert would certainly help many users to differentiate the listed items. If you'd like to see this change, please cast your vote here.

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Dear Liam/ Myob team 

Fix the not working issues first before you try and add more complexity to something that doesnt work already 

I have been using MYOB since 1993 VER 3 and so far there hasnt been any significant steps forward in user friendliness for most of the time 

A few steps forward in 2014/2015 but they have been far outweighed by the functions that are not working properly 

Stop trying to make MYOB more accounant friendly and make it business owner and staff user friendly 

Its still possible to accidentally change the name of a customer or supplier card just by overtyping it while your trying to look up a phone number etc

Realistically HOW often do you ever change a card name or the info on it 

you look up info 100's of times more than change it 

Has been that way since version 3 or earlier 

My advice to MYOB development team 



0404 464 421

Please feel free to ring me to discuss 



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I support you fully.


MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @DazzaB


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea and others.

The development team do look into ideas that will assist all clients and partners along with accountants.  The In Tray is a great example of this. It allows users to scan in documents so that it may save some data entry of that information. It can also be used for accountants or auditors to check the original document to make sure that the transaction was entered appropriately.

Along with the primary focus of the development team for previous updates has been fixing known issues within the program. While we are aware that there are some known issues still within the program future updates are planned to correct those updates and workflow improvements.

Once again thank you for your feedback, I have shared it with the team.

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Another very annoying change from earlier versions of stock alert besides the inability now for it to work properly is the decision that MY PART NUMBER isnt really important and that the description is

When you guys finally get the Stock alert working please reinstate the Part Number column and could you please also add a column for the suppliers part number and allow us to sort by both those columns as well

this would definitely help when trying to control stock levels and purchasing



"Stock Alert having both our part number and supliers on screen"

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Is it possable to have a item number included on the short supply window list.


On the list it has item description and suppliers listed.

When the window is active it sorts by item description with the suppliers all over the place.

When clicked on item suppliers it list all them in order, but item details are still all over the place.

If you had item number then supplier at leas every thing on order page would be in order for checking stock ordering.


Could support please include this in a later update

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Yes, MYOB please add the option of viewing by the item number, as this function just is not helpful to us viewing by item name.

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Much earlier versions of MYOB had both Item name and Item description in the stock alert

I would like to know who was the bright spark at MYOB who decided that MY part number for an Item was unimportant ( or perhaps it was a combined bright spark idea)

Nearly everything we as MYOB coal face users revolves around our part number and description so I have been at a total loss to understand the stupidity of it being unavailable on the stock alert.  It should also show the part number of the supplier as well but thats another massive change that MYOB would have to make

It seems like they are not really trying to make it USER friendly just accountant friendly

Darryl Baker

Grafton Hydraulics


Im happy to put my name to this as I have been using MYOB for 24 years now and its only marginally better than the original and in some cases several steps back and so far very few real positive steps have been made by the MYOB DEVELOPMENT TEAM

They still havnt fixed the problem of it in stock alert only ordering some of the items required

It can take up to 3 and 4 orderes to get all the parts ordered


When will someone listen



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Hi @AshL

Are you talking about the To Do List - stock alert -mine has item code and description in v2016.3. Have you tried clicking Insert/Modify and see if you are able to add that field - then save as a custom report?

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Yes I do mean the stock alert list. I have version 2016.3 but can't see the 'Insert/Modify' option that you're talking about?